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  1. Our freeview reception has always been dreadful: BBC1 through to Five, the extra Fives (US and Extra), Sky3 and everything between 800 and 810 or so ...and that's it, we don't even get a few pixels for the others. ...but better still, we suddenly lost everything (including terrestrial!) this afternoon, for some unknown reason. I know it's not a digibox compatibility issue, as I tried the wall aerial straight into the TV aerial socket. Nothing but static on screen, and the audio signal relatively clear. We're in S25 (North Anston). Problem's still here tonight, so Lord knows what's going on (and whether our aerial's gone kaput or something). Anyone else from around North Anston here? Are you getting a terrestrial signal (sound and pic)?
  2. You can firm up your numbers and count me in, then
  3. You think Sheffield's bad? You should see Dublin, it's much more pathetic than that (a european capital city, no less, and one of the most pro-Catholic (therefore "pro-Xmas") contexts, to boot!)
  4. 5 (does Brightside Lane count as 'city centre', btw?) Work Understood 5 5 * £4 = £20 a week = £80 to £100 a month = £1200 a year 3 or 4 I'd sort a deal with my employer to telework 1 or 2 days p.w. You are taking the proverbial, even on the understanding that this is all entriely academic. Do the maths: 5 * £10 = £50 a week = £200 to £250 a month = £2600 a year Honest answer now, your turn: are you really expecting anyone to answer this one with anything other than '0'? See above. At a £10+ level, you may as well turn the entire area pedestrians-only. And abandon the city center's private economic sector to Meadowhall and surrounding areas entirely. Yes, if the job lends itself to teleworking, I'm all for it. But not everyone can do that, especially lower-paid catering/cleaning etc., who are least financially well-equipped to deal with a congestion charge. Absolutely not. The sacking of whoever's in charge of roads & infrastructure certainly is, though. If I was told all of that, I would laugh out loud because there is no evidence (that I'm aware of) that congestion charges, wherever they've been implemented, achieve these aims. All it does is put more £s in the Council's coffers and create more civil servant jobs to administer it. Call me cynical, but where's the evidence? 5 (no change) 5 (no change) See above, reply to 5. Work from home ...or the holodeck, if it ever comes around in my lifetime On teh Interweb, I'm neither My £0.02, if you still want it: Congestion charge is a 'punitive' / 'coercive' measure and there is no evidence that it works. Whoever's "in charge" is better off considering 'positive' measures (offer something in which people will see an advantage to their present personal situation), so e.g. incentivise car pooling (scheme with badges and specified hours, against tax rebate of some sort or another or vouchers or...) and incentivise employers to offer telework where applicable (again, scheme with corporate tax rebate or NI charges rebate of some sort). Basically, any measure that removes the need for people to commute altogether, rather than make it still more expensive. I ain't a genius by any stretch of the imagination, and it doesn't take one to figure the above either.
  5. Does that mean I didn't need to PM & email you, then?
  6. You'd be surprised how cheap arcade cabs can be obtained for these days. Very often vastly cheaper than a state of the art PC or a 360/PS3. Have a neb' at the FS section on the Jamma+ Forum (you'll need to register) for old skool, and the Arcade Otaku Forum (no reg required, I believe...) for newer/candy stuff, for some pricing intel. That could be an interesting additional 'anchor' to your outfit.
  7. You (OP) need to think about getting your USPs (Unique Selling Points) right, i.e. do/provide what punters can't get/do at home. The comments in the thread about the fact that average Joe has a PC/console/web etc. at home are valid, to an extent. So what can your place provide, that average Joe can't get at home? Me thinks, state of the art game "stations" or rooms, e.g. networked driving games with bucket seats and steering wheels à la arcade (Sega Daytona etc.), regular competitions with really good prizes (not just game discs or drinks vouchers, but ... mmm ... I don't know, some rare retro gaming stuff, full Rock Band kit, concert tickets with VIP passes, things like that), playing host to local clans with incentives, etc, etc.
  8. Until and unless the Council, politicians, 3rd sector -whatever you want to call them (I call them 'windmills'- wind is all they produce) all realise that real added value (the one that results in money to pay taxes which then gets redistributed to Councils, Quangos, 3rd sector etc.) can only ever be generated by the private sector, particularly the export one, and they start coming up with policies to gear up entrepreneurship and exports accordingly, we're all p*ssing upwind anyway. Don't worry so much about Brown, just look at France over the last 20 years or so: if you think entrepreneurs have it bad here, you should get chatting to some over there (double the social charges, double the corporate tax, double the personal income rate, etc, etc. only a slight exaggeration, and the list goes on).
  9. You know, you're not allowed to drive when you have been drinking that much (...only joking!)
  10. The graphics chip in most laptops cannot be upgraded (the few exception are very high-end 'laptop workstations' and Dell XPS - usually several £000s new). Surprising how many people still don't get this, now that laptops have 'democratized'. Solution #1: upgrade the laptop (as in: buy a bigger/better/whatever laptop) Solution #2: be sensible, buy a desktop to game with (and upgrade as required by new and coming games) and if you absolutely need a laptop (work or study), keep your lappie or get a cheaper netbook or second-hand lappie Solution #3: go all haxx0r on your laptop and 'force it' to play the game. It'll probably have sh*tt* graphics and less playability than Pong, but at least it will run A couple of years ago, I managed to get Battlefield 2 running quite decently (in 800x600 and sh*t-o-vision for sure), on a Dell D600, with a Pentium M 1.6 (Centrino ), 512 RAM and ATI M32 (Radeon 9000 chipset) with 25 to 30 FPS !
  11. No biggie, you're welcome (glad to help clearing up the needless techno-babbling the likes of Sony, Currys and others like to use, for confusing punters out of their hard-earned )
  12. Mixing your crayons a little bit... BluRay and HD-DVD are two DVD formats (meaning two different ways of encoding the DVD medium), both of which are for use with HDTVs (through HDMI or component). 'TV networks' have nothing to do with HDMI, but everything to do with digital TV signals in HD (576p/720p). Put simply: you transfer HD TV signals (e.g. 576p/720p BBC HD, ITV HD, etc.) from your Freeview HD or Sky HD to your HDTV through HDMI and you transfer High-Def DVD signal (1080p or less) from your BluRay player or HD-DVD player to your HDTV through HDMI. For instance.
  13. The notion of any format being 'dead' is entirely relative, I can never see the point in pouring terrabytes of electronic ink about it all. I still have my Pioneer Laserdisc player (going on 20 years old or thereabouts) and a good handful of "essential" titles. I wouldn't ever dream of parting with them, all "dead" that the format has been for donkey's years. Something to be said for watching Start Wars in full analogue glory
  14. It's been done before, quite successfully (I don't know if it still is, but... well, it was still doing good when I left Ireland in July'08 ) Google up "Xbox Live Gaming Centre" of 51 South William Street, Dublin 2 (in Ireland). I know the lad who set it up and ran it, Jamie. PM me if you need an introduction, or pm him directly (after you register on gamedevelopers.ie or Boards.ie). Worked/works well enough in a European capital city. Now, is there enough demand in/around Sheffield to make it a going concern, is the big question. Not to mention, security might be your biggest brief (what with the place expectedly attracting chavs and other undesirables around, like something proverbial attracts flies ). Very desirable, but you're going to have to be pin-sharp with the figures in your biz plan, because your setup costs ain't gonna look pretty (in the current climate). My £0.02? Have a go, but try & get into partnering/sort some partnership first with hardware and software vendors, e.g. Dell, nVidia, Micro$oft, Sony, etc. Maybe also local game compnies/developers like Sumo Digital etc. = suck at their marketing (budget) t1t, gains them better exposure than straightforward adverts, gains you biz competition prizes + cashflow help + credibility with banks and gamers. Oh,yeah... and you should dupli-thread in the "small biz help" section to see what kind of reaction you get from there as well (better biz heads-to-gamer heads ratio )
  15. Didn't know about all this, although I leave fairly close to it, by the sound of things... great! (considering I'm in the market for a house ATM and wouldn't mind one in the area, i.e. old part of Anston ) Would you really mind making some more noise about it, miffed? I don't think the locals are scared enough yet, prices are still too high
  16. The best restaurant in Sheffield I win, thread can be closed
  17. LOL Rep + 1 @ Arena I'd heartily recommend Yorkshire Bank. Been banking 14 years with them, never a bad word to say and they can't do enough ...and it's got "Yorkshire" in the name, so what more do you want
  18. All Asus netbooks (EEE 700/900/1000) have VGA out, but not HDMI (that must be what the 'new proper one' brings to the table ... whatever 'proper' means ). Have a gander on the Wiki page for "subnotebooks" (what netbooks used to be called for decades, before becoming cheap and fashionable), then the Wiki page for "netbooks" to appreciate the difference in price and features. I've been buying and selling (privately) 2nd user subnotebooks on eBay since 1999, and it's not until the netbooks came along late last year, that I finally found what I'd been after for years! And I've tried a few: Toshiba Librettos and Portégés, IBM 240X, Dell L400/C400, Fujitsu Tablet PCs and Biblo laptops, HPC2000 (Jornada 720, Compaq Aero 8000), etc, etc. Laptops these days are just like cars, in terms of range and pricing relative to size and usage: you wouldn't buy a Land Rover (a Panasonic Toughbook) if you don't need the 4WD/toughness, nor a Ferrari (Dell XPS or better), if all you need is a Micra (Asus EEE 2G) to go from A to B (Web/Email/Wordprocessing). So, just like cars, spec out what you need, what you'd like on top of that, and what you don't need, bearing in mind that -unlike a desktop- you can't really upgrade a laptop (perhaps the RAM amount and hardrive, at a stretch) and it will probably depreciate by about 50% in less than a year (too many new models with same or better features coming out all the time). I've upgraded my EEE 701 to 2GB of RAM, I have 4GB of HDD space on it (most of it taken up by XP Pro, Office 2007 and Dragon Naturally Speaking 7) and am using a 4GB SDHC card for word files, videos and MP3s. The standard battery gives me between 2h and 2h30 of use with WiFi switched on (more if I use an external screen). It performs just as well, if not better, than the Dell D600 (Centrino 1.6Ghz, 512 RAM) that I had just before it and which, on paper at least, should actually run rings around the EEE! More RAM's made all the difference, so make sure you get at least 1GB of RAM with whichever netbook you pick.
  19. Another point, LordChaverly. I believe some of the Acer netbooks "can't do powerpoints" because they are lacking a video out connector (composite or VGA). It doesn't mean they can't run MS Powerpoint, just that you can't plug them into an external display device (CRT/LCD monitor or projector). A lot of netbooks by other brands have such a connector, however, if this feature matters to you. EDIT - it appears the Acer 150 netbook model has a VGA out, so the above stands to be corrected, if needed.
  20. Provided you want a laptop (netbook or otherwise) 'for the right reasons', so primarily for net access and whatever requires a 'real' keyboard and a screen bigger than 6" or 7" on a regular basis (rather than wanting a replacement desktop for showing off/ the 'mee too' factor ), then netbooks are fabulous. I've had dozens of "regular laptops" over the years, and with netbooks I see that manufacturers have finally copped on that 'real users' want the advantages of ultra-portability, without the super-premium price tag that traditionally came attached to "smaller/lighter" (used to be well in excess of £1200-£1400 until a year/couple of years ago, before Asus chanced its arm with the EEE and netbooks took off). I've settled down with an EEE 701 for quite a while now, and am very happy with it. Does everything it says on the tin (Office 2007, IE7 Net, web and POP email) effortlessly, which is remarkable considering the spec. I'd favour a SSD variant if you're going to lug it about a lot, as even recent portable HDDs are still prone to hardware failure (witness 1.8" HDDs in iPods and PMPs regulalrly giving up the ghost, even though purposefully-designed for transport).
  21. I have never bought a new laptop, always bought them 2nd user on eBay (or through forums such as in here). IMHO the best advantage of buying 2nd user: you can buy/sell repeatedly without losing £££s, until you find the one that 'best fits' in terms of size/performance. I have had dozens over the years from Toshiba, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, Asus etc. and never a days' worry yet (says he, touching acres of wood ). In my (admittedly long) experience, laptop reliability is entirely down to how people use & maintain them, e.g. do you/would you: always use it in a well ventilated position (first and main cause of laptop degradation/fault development) leave it plugged in the mains all the time (first and main cause of laptop battery degradation) shut it down properly or hibernate it all the time (second main cause of laptop battery degradation) always use max brightness / max sound out, defrag/reformat/reinstall periodically, update drivers, update bios, etc, etc. After that, it's all down to what "refurbished" means, i.e. a simple HDD format/reinstall + a dust & polish + a components healthcheck, or more worryingly a damaged-repaired unit (laptop dropped down and damaged components have been swapped/replaced for new ones or worse, second hand ones): I'd buy the first type without worry, I wouldn't go near the second type, garantee or not. EDIT - I just followed your link and the lappie's based on a Mobile Celeron. If I wanted something 'half decent', I'd stay well away from a Celeron and I'd look for a Core 2 Duo. My £0.02
  22. interlaced 1080 = 1080i progressive 1080 = 1080p What do your mean by "Progressive 1080i"
  23. You forgot - • Catch every germ and bug going, never poorlier since before you started smoking. • Develop chronic bronchitis or, worse, asthma.
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