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  1. There's just about as much confirmatory info as there is debunking info about it all on the Net (like everything else on 'teh Interweb', to take with a hefty pinch of salt!). Crucially, however, there is now confirmed evidence that NASA and "Al Gore & Co" have been less than economical with truth and accuracy about the data on which the theory is based. I'll still be sitting on the fence, then
  2. I wouldn't exclude Civil Service from your list, which is quite heavy in Sheffield. There's a lot of fat to trim, and the Gvt has spent with abandon to bail the banks out, to levels which it can't possibly sustain without hefty tax increases in due course. The question is when, the deal clincher is where to trim to keep the 'heft' down. Very much echoing your wishes about what type of society should wishfully come out of this difficult time. We've not waited 20 years with the Missus. I saw this coming 5 or so years ago, when the 'free credit' offers and mortgage lending criteria were just getting entirely out of hand, and we've prepared adequately. I don't believe we're being selfish when we think that we would be gutted to see the Gvt bail out all those on the back of our taxes, when we'd have liked all the trappings (just like most everyone else) and could have got all the trappings on the pump (just like most everyone else), but decided to play it sensibly (unlike most everyone else) All that said, we do have alot of sympathy for people made redundant, especially at this time of year.
  3. Don't you realise that's a self-fulfilling prophecy? Crash = banks only (originally) Then less and less cash changes hands because everyone starts watching their backs = crisis worsens (consequence) Then still less cash in circulation to finance inventories = stocks piling up and increasingly heavily discounted = crisis worsens further (consequence) Then still less and less cash changes hands because everyone watches their backs more and more = crisis worsens still further (consequence) ...and go round again. So long as people don't spend, fresh cash does not get injected in 'the system' to keep the 'system' going round (this be the 'system' which gives people jobs and pays them). I'm not saying the 'system' does not need fixing in the first place, or saying people should just go and spend every last penny ASAP ...but I believe consumer over-cautiousness is what's currently still fuelling the downward spiral (I'm not in retail at all, btw). Seasons greetings to you too
  4. I've hands-on, direct experience of BB in all 3 countries (as a subscriber/user). France is a generation or 2 ahead, the basic Free package (Free is an ADSL operator à la Virgin, WiFi/router/TV box all-in-one plugged in the phone socket) is 24 MB down (and that's online speed-test verified with multiple US sites). Britain hasn't made that much headway in the last 4 years (that I could tell - I had ADSL BB when I left the UK in late '04, just came back to UK and on ADSL BB again). Ireland (where I've been last 4 years) is ...well ...if you're lucky enough to be in a cabled area (NTL, most of Dublin), you've only got contention to worry about, which still gets rather bad. The other operators ...
  5. Like a lot of older apps without "bells and whistles", it just about takes no HDD room, and does the job in a computationally-very-inexpensive way. "If it ain't broke", the KISS principle, and all that... If I wanted 'fidel' digital audio, I wouldn't bother with MP3 (regardless of bitrate) in the first place, but would look to alternative, less-lossy formats instead. Luckily for me, 192 kbps MP3s is quite good enough for car audio And if I wanted superlative audio, I wouldn't bother with digital formats altogether And here's me thinking we here to discuss MP4 players
  6. Loving the irony If you think Sheffield's bad, you should have a look at Ireland
  7. See, that's something I just don't get: Drag and drop UI has been around for nearly 20 years. MP3 players for what? 7 years or so? iTunes, to my mind, is just like SatNavs and mobile phones (and believe me, I'm as far from being a luddite as you could get ): it makes people stupid (with their purse in this instance), by facilitating the "lowest common denominator" to the extent that people become too unaccustomed to the simpler alternative (read a map, prepare/research a meeting, plan an appointment, drag'n'drop). How many amongst your friends or relations have paid for a music download on iTunes, when they already owned the CD (eminently 'rippable' to good quality MP3s with CDEX or equivalent)?
  8. The point made, is that unless you "fiddle" with it (i.e. requiring a bit more than being merely 'adept' with PCs, software, etc, etc.), it can't do half of what other non-Apple MP4 players can do straight out of the box. It's not denigrating the product (MP4-enabled iPod, regardless of variant) as such which, on its own merits, works/looks/performs well enough. It's simply a matter-of-fact opinion that the price/features ratio of Apple-branded 'iPod-type devices' is still somewhat lacking relative to the competition (iRiver / Creative / Archos / etc.). Many others tried the 'Apple model', yonks ago, without success (anyone remember the must-install, God-awful "MusicMatch" software with the 1st generation Philips MP3 players?). Apple only made it through sheer marketing power. Fair f*cks to them, but market supremacy doesn't necessarily equate with best-in-category products. Apple is first and foremost selling brands (Apple and i-this-or-the-other) and making its play in the burgeoning online media distribution business with its commercialisation model (iPod is just the vehicle for iTunes, iPods will become redundant in years to come when TVs come with built-in iTunes or ... you get where I'm coming from ). Competitors are selling products with features.
  9. Thank for all that, Ms Tetley What do you know... we bought her (yeah, it's definitely a 'her' ) as a nearly-new (2 years old, 14k) in Doncaster 8 years ago from Hayselden, when they were still a Mazda main dealer, and after a fairly eventful life (original UK car, she's been on UK, Irish and French plates!), looks like it's going to come full circle for the servicing and TLC in Doncaster As you can tell, we're big into our '5 as well ...enough so to have kept her through thick and sh*t (and there's been some ). We'll look you up (http://www.southyorkshirefives.co.uk) shortly, once we're a bit more settled in and have accrued enough points with the baby sitter for a full day outing
  10. It will likely depend on how bad it all got before the current situation (how much damage done). The OP could be lucky and get off with just a reskim, or it's extensive and will be a fair wack to fix decently (DON'T scrimp and save on sorting a head gasket, or you're just asking for a repeat of the problem in a very short time).
  11. Ouch. The head gasket diagnosis appears correct, but note that any number of further components could have been damaged. You should have cut out the engine mush sooner than let it run all the way to the temp limiter. Did the fan come on at all? 20/20 hindsight: the first time you saw your temp gauge going past the 'normal level' should have sent alarms bells ringing and you should have tried to sort it soonest. My £0.02? Don't start it again anymore, find the nearest garage that will sort it for you, then only start it and drive it to the garage on the day of the appointment. Avoid rush hour so you're not stuck in traffic with an overheating engine, and try to coast as often as you can (fully de-clutched) to avoid loading the engine. Have loads of distilled water ready at hand. Old hands may suggest the old 'egg' trick (break a fresh egg into the radiator filling opening, the effect is that the egg will bind with the hot water and 'insulate' the crack at the HG), but I wouldn't recommend it personally.
  12. If it's the head gasket: check your coolant liquid, it will likely have discoloured check your coolant liquid level, it will likely have gone down Did the engine cut off of it's own? Did it cut off when the temp gauge maxed out, or before?
  13. I've had ARCHOS MP4 players for years now. Apple still can't touch them IMHO. Better screen, better functionality, none of that prioprietary iTune/DRM/file formats (straightforward drag-n-drop files onto player, seen as an external drive under XP), plays anything and everything you throw at them (on screen or out to a TV, in HD for latest models with optional docking station) and can be used as a PVR (HD recorder) to boot! Putting aside considerations of copyright for a moment (never download material for which you do not own an original copy), all the way back to the early 400 models, they'll play any P2P-sourced DiVX, XVid, etc. straight off the bat, no recoding required. Easier to do that than copy your DVDs to watch on the move (invaluable tool when you have young kids and long travels ). Over the years, I've had a 400, a 500 and now have a 605 WiFi. I can see myself updating to an Archos 5 tablet in the medium term, of course after checking the competition (like everytime I've changed/updated), although as usual I am quietly confident they'll still come on top. Top stuff, regularly praised to high heaven by geeks/techheads (with good reasons, from personal experience). That said, their customer service really is cr@p Now, for the meat of the reply to the OP, model is Archos 605 WiFi 4GB. Pros * no moving parts at all, entirely solid state (as said, I've had several MP4s, all HDD-based: the HDD will fail, no matter how careful your are with them, it's a matter of when, not if. It's simple mechanics) * Fabulous, large (for a pocket device), widescreen touchscreen * SDHC slot (drag-n-drop any files on SDHC card, instead of connecting player itself to PC, faultless play due to high bandwidth) * WiFi (incl. Flash, for youtube or dailymotion, and SSL, for eBay or Paypal) * Plays everything, and no need to go via an online store or sync with the PC/an application on the PC * Straightforward output to TV * Huge autonomy when in TV output mode (18+ hours), still decent otherwise * Dirt cheap when buying 2nd hand/nearly-new on eBay (hasn't got an Apple badge, helps ) Cons * WiFi is 802.11b, so streams can be touch-n-go. Only looking to update to a '5' as it's a g/n device.
  14. Resurrecting a very old thread, here, but I'm after some feedback about MX5 City, please, as I'm thinking of dropping by them for some work needed on mine (MX5 Mk1). Anyone here used them yet? Re. condensation - always check the seals, and look after them. My MX-5 is 10 years old, original roof and seals, no condensation (or leaks) whatsoever ...and that's including 3 years in Ireland! I regularly (twice yearly) put a drib of Vaseline along the roof seal (windscreen lip and around windows), seems to do the trick to keep them in tip-top condition.
  15. They're part of the same group as Woolworths (RIP), aren't they? 'Guess is that they'll be closing soon enough, then.
  16. There was an advisory about the Snake Pass on Look North this morning, to proceed with caution. It might have improved by now. I hope you have not been offended by our little quote ping-pong with tom19890305, no offense was meant
  17. 'Gonzesse' is always slang for a young woman in French. It has no other meaning. Slang for lubrication is lube. It's a bit rich that I, not having English as my first language, should have to correct you on such matters You should stop digging. Or are you trying for Australia, to avoid the snow? nearly-O/T: RWD are no worse than any other cars in winters, if driven properly (i.e. with care and patience). In fact, they may be better in case of (small) slippage, if you are reasonably adept with a steering wheel (and handbrake in case of 'bigger' slippage), since the steering wheels are not the driving wheels (apply unidirectional momentum with rear wheels, steer with front wheels - rather than try and do both with just the front wheels).
  18. L00b is genderless. Gonzesse is not. Yes, looks like we'll get a smattering. Whether it's half an inch or several inches is unimportant, anything lighter in colour than tarmac on the roads will be enough to create havoc ...as usual
  19. I think you'll find 'gonzesse' is actually a girrrl (or gonzesse should seriously consider registering under an alternative nick ) 'Think I'm going to chicken out, it'll be L00b in his Sc00b tomorrow morning
  20. Drive with your windows open (thermal exchange will equalise inside & outside temps = no mist) ...don't forget to layer up, tho' ...sounds interesting all the same. Let me have 3 guesses: MR2? If you have to drive - Don't forget warm clothing, footing and gloves in the boot. Accessorily, grab a small shovel, tow rope and/or some old cardboard (put under the wheels to get traction if/when you're stuck) as well. For us front-engined RWD'ers, a bag of sand/coal in the boot can help too. Provided you don't do any M'way driving, deflate your tyres a bit (about 0.2-0.3 PSI max) for better traction (just don't forget to reflate soonest).
  21. My dog (wire haired dachshund) used to sleep on top of my briefcase on my desk at work None of the secretaries used to dare approach the desk when he was on it (snarls etc., only I was allowed anywhere near it!)
  22. You'll have to ask the Mrs, she drives it daily Wouldn't know, m8: as a point of principle, I never go any 'wester' than Brightside Lane and, as posted, I just about never drive it anyway Not that green if it's still burning 0,5L a mile. Them poor injectors!!!
  23. Off-topicness Ah, but I do have one. It's a "semi-civilized" affair: see, it should please the green brigade on paper (it's a saloon), but it can't please the green brigade (it likes fuel -lots- and there's an 'image' problem). Have you guessed yet? It's a scooby Impreza
  24. Depends if you need to commute to work or not, I guess... I love the stuff, but my 13 miles commute in a RWD car loathes it in equal measure (can be "made" fun at times, although driving behaviour entirely irresponsible/unadvisable of course ) EDIT - Tip @ Lozzypop On snow/black ice, always try to drive in 2nd or even 3rd gear rather than 1st when crawling. Much less chance of slippage (I'll spare you the physics of it all )
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