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  1. Well, far from orbital considerations, there's many other rule-setting supranational clubs beside the EU, that the UK is still a member of, and which it could yet leave. NATO, WTO, UN, ECHR, (...). But I've not heard anything from UKIP, about leaving any one of those? Heck, after Brexit, we could do with a new one to chat about 'Consequences'
  2. What political purpose does UKIP serve, exactly, in these post-Brexit, post-Withdrawal Agreement days?
  3. The ERG is flying that kite early, to see what kind of traction it's getting from employers. There are a few more kites like that getting flown atm, all mooted under 'Operation Bleach', that are not getting reported. Even the reintroduction of the death penalty (don't expect the HO to confirm that one anytime soon, any more than it -and any other Ministry- would confirm those other kites). It's all about political re- (pre-) -positioning. It's not as if British workers can easily vote with their feet under FoM anymore. And employers are going to need something to keep the cosh on them, after all those EU immigrants went home last year during the Covid crisis. Plus they can be fed on fresh, quality seafood for cheap now. Zero sympathy for those fishermen who were championing Leave loud and clear, pre- and post-refrendum, to pull the ladder to themselves at the expense of other fishermen from Europe. These weren't conned: they were the con.
  4. The real risk is that EU27 hauliers continue to boycott the UK and ferry companies divert still more ships to alternative routes (Stena just reassigned MV Embla to Rosslare-Cherbourg today, was meant to start from Belfast) over the next couple months (or worse, longer) - whilst Brexit stockpiles run out, business cashflows get depleted, people's shopping spend goes through the roof...and then the grace period for light-touch customs checks and procedures ends on 1st April. Truck queues will actually be a welcome sight, it means trade will have resumed. Then you can take a look at "normal" truck queues at the Polish-Ukraine border (Ukraine has a DCFTA with the EU, the UK doesn't ), likewise "normal" truck queues at the German-Swiss border (Swiss is EFTA and German customs are highly efficient, moreover with a dedicated customs-facilitating app since mid-2018) for an idea of what to expect once the UK has progressed a little (-closer to the EU) from the current super-thin FTA.
  5. One is reminded of Leavers consistently rebutting any Remain argument based on the 56% of people in Northern Ireland who voted for Remain over the last 4 years. Can't wait to read the outrage, come the Scottish elections this May 😈
  6. Serious answer: Neither. Any more loaded questions?
  7. And yet Germany was an ECSC member right from the start, then an EEC member state, all long before the UK...but that does not seem to have held back the German economy, industry, international trade, immigration, public healthcare, social housing, etc ever. How odd. Speaking of Germans, DB Schenker announced late this afternoon, that they are suspending all new freight orders to the UK. That is massive. They're about as big as DHL, at the European scale. I knew actual Brexit (the end of the WA period) was going to be bad. But not that bad and that quick, even with a 'no deal' outcome.
  8. So, in West77's world, it is "undemocratic" for the democratically-elected representatives of the American people, to use constitutional measures for putting an end to Trump's unprecedented attempts at subverting American democracy... ...do you want to try that one again, maybe?
  9. You can hardly blame the EU for not forgetting valuable lessons from the UK. For the rest of it, rules are rules. It's what the Leave mob never understood about the EU (it's a rules-based construct, not a country or federation) since before the referendum, and why so many in the UK appear to be so unprepared for them now . Not to worry. It will sink in, eventually.
  10. Good points well made and, speaking of "becoming" a permanent thing, this is indeed the new normal, until (if) GB should eventually join a CU with the EU27. But odds of that are...well...not for a few years yet, looking at the political arithmetic and Starmer's latest. Time aplenty for UK plc to become familiar again with incoterms.
  11. Ah, so you also heard about the Ghana bananas this week, then? Indeed...and yet, clearly that knowledge (long widespread in the UK with e.g. reality TV programmes about Aussie & Kiwi airport customs ) and, more importantly, its relevance to the UK from 1st January 2021 out of the form of Brexit chosen, has bypassed enough British travellers to the EU to generate viral news.
  12. I agree to a good extent, but the Dems are just being pragmatic here. Trump did not create that movement, he's just the most useful idiot fronting it: remove him from the pool of 2024 presidentiables, and those who did create that movement need to reboot with a new face. It's far from ideal, but at least it forces a hiatus in that movement's progression, and buys a bit more time for those engaged in mitigating it more durably and effectively. At any rate, it's better than the only alternative until now, of letting the problem run and run like it has for the past 4+ years.
  13. There's a Dutch customs video currently doing the rounds on Continental TV news, and it's worth a warning post to future travellers post-Covid times: be careful what you prepare as a packed lunch when you next travel to Europe. (standard consequence of Brexit, as usual and of course)
  14. The Dems don't have any other choice for stopping Trump from running again in 2024, since Pence is refusing to find invoke the 25th. ...Oh, I'm sorry, did you want Trump to run again in 2024?
  15. Well, if that's your only issue about my post #2297.
  16. I find "Operation Bleach" isn't quite as catchy as "Operation Yellowhammer". It sounds a bit Carry On-esque, when the other is Ian Fleming-worthy
  17. When is British police proposing to investigate Jacob Rees-Mogg's own church-going transgression of 03 January 2021, out of interest?
  18. Mexicans rang in at the weekend, saying they'll pay for it now. Oh and the Canadians want one too.
  19. Well, clearly that was the wrong Brexit strategy for Labour for 4 years, I'm not sure what makes him think it'll work this time. Regrettably, it's sounding like you should get used to seeing those, at least for a while longer: reports on the ground are that there is no cross-Channel traffic - period. Chunnel trains are running empty, traffic cams showing tumbleweeds on M20 both ways. And that is a *far* worse problem, than the customs-blocking mongo-queues that were forecast. EU27 hauliers are unwilling to cart stuff to the UK, and UK importers are unwilling to pay the premium required to unlock that situation. Sovereignty might be a suitable replacement for most ingredients of most recipes, hopefully. I mean, when Ocado emails its customers directly and en masse to warn about the non-availability of certain products, you just know it's not going to be about 1 or 2 line items for a few days.
  20. Nigel Farage, John Redwood, Mark Francois, Jacob Rees-Mogg, <etc> "Vote Labour, we'll stick with Johnson's Brexit"...Catchy!
  21. Interested people might wish to go back a bit earlier than Johnson's 2019 campaigning. Just a friendly suggestion, of course.
  22. You need to update yourself about Ireland-EU27 RoRo options. Ireland has been engaged in setting up alternatives to the landbridge for a while. Dublin-Holyhead RoRo is virtually dead, Stena started suspending crossings yesterday IIRC. Zeebrugge-Ireland RoRo crossings are pretty busy however.
  23. Now might be an opportune time to remind readers, that the EU27 and the UK had agreed that customs checks and procedures would be light touch/relaxed as a 'phase in' transition until this week...with the real-deal checks starting Monday. I don't think many of those fishermen, hauliers and assorted other UK businesses large and small, writing to their MPs for this "Brexit red tape" to get "sorted out", have copped on that this is the actual 'new normal'.
  24. @vivamjm is one of the best Twitter accounts to (continue to-) follow, on the topic of cross-border freight and customs in the post-Withdrawal Agreement age. Vastly more informative than the BBC and other MSM, besides being extremely well-connected with people at that particular coal face far and wide, and with -seemingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly for an expert- a fully-working crystal ball. And the watch word is, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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