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  1. We filled ours in on line the day after receiving it and there were no problems.
  2. "The English working classes obsequious deference for the ruling upper class" Anna???# I am working class, my father was a steel worker, my older sister went to Cambridge university. She became a teacher and refused to take jobs in private schools (where she could have earned a lot more money) so that she could teach in comprehensive schools .I did a degree when I was 50. My husband is working class What class do you identify as?
  3. I will be delighted when it's over, I started preparing for it years ago, however not everyone is as fortunate as I am . Are you prepared ?
  4. Have you forgotten the big red bus and the promises from Nigel? You need to lie down and have a good think
  5. Welcome back tzijlstra, many remainers no longer post on here but there are some new ones still challenging the leavers, although quite a lot of the leavers have left as well.
  6. At least his brother is an ex mp having fallen out with Boris at least twice when he was an MP.
  7. Sheffield Freegle has reopened but not freecycle.
  8. My guess is that he has alzheimer's , it's time he saw a doctor. No sane person would suggest drinking bleach.
  9. Brilliant they will go so well with my Donald Trump toilet brush
  10. Don't think the brexiteers will will be too chuffed either.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jan/25/former-red-wall-areas-could-lose-millions-in-council-funding-review £300m a year set be redirected from deprived areas to shire councils, analysis shows. Thanks to all those that voted Tory in my constituency Penistone and Stocksbridge we maybe losing over £4 million.
  12. There is plenty of sources on the internet about this case and it's not the only one -- "Scandinavian woman says she was forced by Cypriot police to withdraw a rape claim or face arrest, in a striking parallel to the case of a British teenager who was allegedly gang raped on the Mediterranean island. The Scandinavian woman said police officers questioned her aggressively for several hours after she was raped by two men outside a nightclub. The officers accused her of lying and said that if she did not withdraw the rape claim they would arrest her and send her to prison." The above is from The Telegraph. Far too many men would probably agree with you, they have no idea what rape can do to a woman. A lot a women and girls don't report it because of attitudes like yours and suggesting she takes it to the European court is unbelievable. She was also examined by a doctor suggest you look it up
  13. I sent an email to my new conservative MP (Stocksbridge & Penistone) about this some time ago, I don't think she will bother to reply now but I will send her another email anyway.
  14. I would have hoped that no-one could sink that low, not everyone on Universal credit is undeserving.
  15. Boris will reinstate local railway lines that were scrapped by Dr Beeching in the 60s and has pledged £500 million to reopen them starting with the north of England. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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