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  1. No. What is the company size? I.w how many people work there? Is there a HR team and have you had a pregnancy risk assessment (does she know?)
  2. Used to DJ in the Old Harrow Pub at Gleadlesss 20 years ago. Any contacts?
  3. https://castindoncaster.com/whats-on/musical/9-5-musical Stuck at the end of May bank holiday weekend? Come and see Doncaster Amateurs Production of Dolly Parton's 9-5!!! Great score, uplifting production! Brilliant new venue in Doncaser, easy acces lots of parking!
  4. http://www.placesforpeopleleisure.org/centres/aston-cum-aughton-leisure-centre/back-to-netball Come and join us tonight and every Wednesday at Aston Leisure centre...7pm Be prepared to have lots of fun and take a few knocks!!! Come with nervousness and leave with a smile...and a sweaty top!!!
  5. Thanks for this bad hair day - I'm at Wales and go through Killamarsh every day and we frequent Rother Valley. Would rather know and keep a look out.
  6. Agree with the last few posts...avoid like the plague...horrendous agents.
  7. Above are correct, colleague or TU rep. What is the issue?
  8. Laura - I am emailing you - a friend of mine has posted pics of facebook of two dogs which fit this description...please pick up asap
  9. Sounds about right. Call around some solicitors tomorrow and get an independent quote but it doesn't sound unreasonable - like with all services though - it will depend on how efficient and responsive they are - some conveyancing solicitors are horrendous - the only piece of advice I could offer is make sure they are local to you - at least then you can make appointments/signing docs easier - if you are looking at firms in Leeds/Rotherham etc (making an assumption you are in Sheffield!) it will be added inconvenience.
  10. Please let me know if I can buy/borrow!!! Thanks
  11. Would not touch Haybrooks ever again. Had extremely bad experience with them lying, failing to communicate and being blatantly unethical with me as a potential buyer. Any property I see now marketed with Haybrook I contact the vendor directly to inform them that I am interested but am not prepared to deal with Haybrook. I don't know how they continue to get away with it - well I do - people don't complain enough and take it further. They are absolutely not an ethical estate agent. Shame on them.
  12. I'd forget the fluffy e-mail - if you are dealing with either landlord or agent a quick and respectful e-mail needs to be "we really like the house, we are good reliable tenants with references planning to stay long term - is there any way we can renegotiate the rent..." If there are three of you - like the earlier poster said - he is already losing the fourth room (unless he finds a fourth tenant). A landlord won't care what your friends are paying - he will know the market value of his property and the rooms. It is business/professional relationships - not a sob story. Also - if there are refurbishments - just ask the landlord/letting agent to put in writing what will happen and when. Hope this helps!
  13. http://www.showerright.co.uk/Kubex_shower_cubicles.htm These are brilliant (not necessarily this brand - other brands too) - we have one and it's superb - easy installation - clean looking all the time and no leaks...
  14. Thanks - I did the pay the "odd plumber" for a while and it became far too expensive (some sourced via this very forum (I wonder though how much the plumber would have charged me for this little job - i.e. turning down the thermostat) - hence the BG cover. If you've read my posts - this is the second question in a number of years. I offer advice on SF when I can - where I feel I can help - I don't expect anything in return and don't comment on other people asking questions. So sorry if you feel my question are annoying - thank you for your advice - but I'll continue to pay for BG - and a plumber, electrician and alarm experts but I will always come back and ask fellow sheffielders for additional advice if I feel it necessary and thank goodness for posters like Crosser who are happy to spend a couple of minutes to help me take a hot shower!
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