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  1. I have about 30 camera magazines, mostly Canon EOS but a mixture of others too, all good condition, spanning over the last few years. Free to anyone who can collect, in Halfway Sheffield. Please call to arrange collection. 07971 597 566
  2. We are Photographers who will be setting up a Headshot day in the near future. We are looking for smart people who would like a free headshot, in return for us being able to se the images on our website. We would require you be be smart looking, and in treturn, we will provide you with several different images on different backgrounds. You will be free ti ose these images as you please. Please private message me for more details. Thank you. Sue
  3. In the next few weeks, we are going to be doing a photography session on Headshots. I am looking for 3 men and 3 women, who would like their headshots doing for free. You need to be available around 4 to 6pm, during the week, and be able to get to the Mosborough area. I would like people to be dressed smartly, these images will be suitable for your Linkedin profile picture and any website you may have. Please PM me. Thank you.
  4. Can anyone recommend a curtain maker in Sheffield. I actually need a very large backdrop making, rather than curtains so looking for someone who can make this for me. Thank you.
  5. Hi guys, I have a dye sublimation printer, the port where I plug in the USB has a small black piece on it, but it has come off, exposing 4 small pins. The computer now won't recognise the printer. Is this anyone on here can repair? Thank you. Sue
  6. I am wanting some advice for Mac computers. mainly that I keep getting a spinning wheel... I do try to keep the computer clean...any advice? Thank you. Sue
  7. Hi guys, I need recommendations for minor body shop work on my car. I live in Sheffield 20, Mosborough area. Thank you.
  8. Hi Guys, does anyone know where there are fields of nice flowers, which would be suitable for a photoshoot? I live in Mosborough, but anywhere in Sheffield would be good. Thank you.
  9. Can anyone give me advise how to network a PC to a Mac? I am sure I have done it before...just cant remember how?
  10. Hi Chezzfaye, Yes, the photobooth is a fun thing you have at parties and are especially popular at weddings. Take a look at this link. http://www.photographysheffield.net/photo-booth-hire.html
  11. Can you tell me how to find the help desk please?
  12. That is good to hear, what were the photos like? quality and prices?
  13. Did anyone go to see Santa at Copthorne last year? Was it good? Were the photos good?
  14. Can anyone recommend a gardener who can do a bit of gardening for a couple of hours in Sheffield 20? Call me on 07971597566. Thank you xx
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