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  1. I have a cat with the same condition. He has Techni_cal Solutions Urinary Health biscuits. He's been on them for years with no problems. They are also cheaper than Hills or Royal Canin
  2. I'm wanting a couple of hens if anyone has any for sale please. Doesn't matter if they are laying or not. I usually get ex battery Hens but haven't seen any advertised for a while. Thank you.
  3. Do you have photos and more details of the dogs please e.g. ages vaccinations spayed etc as I know of friends wanting a border collie firstly as a family pet but also with the hope of training for flyball/agility. It would be a first class home.
  4. Is anyone able to collect 3 black bin bags of towels from S2 and take to the dog pound please? Thank you
  5. What date was this body found? It's a dangerous road and there are frequent casualties.
  6. Just an update on the under weight hedgehog a lady on here kindly brought to me. The hedgehog is a female and has put on weight so she is now 550 gms. While that is an acceptable weight to survive hibernation she will be staying here till spring. If released now and the weather turned really cold she may not find a safe place to hibernate. Better safe than sorry x
  7. Is there a site that shows photos of council strays currently needing a home please? My friend is interested but all the links she has followed are out of date. Thank you
  8. WALLACE I've been trying to ring you but its constantly engaged. Is your phone working?
  9. Latest update He's home. His very grateful owner has just been to collect him. So glad I could reunite them. Thank you Wallace for your part in his adventure. x
  10. UPDATE The cat is micro chipped and reported lost. I've contacted Petlog and am now waiting for the owners to get in touch to describe the cat to me, or better still send a photo as the logged details don't exactly match the cat. Will keep everyone informed.
  11. Where about are you? I have a chip scanner
  12. I feel it's whatever you are most comfortable with. For years I've buried my pets in the garden then recently because of lack of space, I've left them at the vets for communal cremation. It was hard the first time but personally I couldn't keep their ashes contained in a box. I would have just scattered them anyway so they would be free. I keep my pets in my head and my heart. Forever. No way is right or wrong, it's whatever you feel at peace with.
  13. I've had dogs with dementia and heartbreaking though it is, no matter what the reason, when a much loved pet stops having a decent quality of life, that is the time. Our feelings aren't as important as our pets. We have the power to help them not to suffer or feel miserable. When I know that it is only a matter of time, I would rather take that final step before things have deteriorated. Rather a week too soon than a day too late. xx
  14. I live in Heeley and have a microchip scanner if you need to get her checked an vets not open. My mobile 07503634694
  15. If shes breeding that many bitches she needs a license from the council and proper facilities for doing it. She needs reporting.
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