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  1. It's worth the effort, & they do get passed up the line. Or should do... Providers are supposed to monitor an abuse@ address for such purposes. I look after a few web & mail servers & get/have to clean up after some reports occasionally. It's usually anti-spam organisations that the abuse reports come from, they're usually the first people to notice & tell the provider they've been blacklisted, though I've had emails from the banks that are being impersonated in the phishing pages too. If it's from an anti-spam organisation they'll tell you the IP address of the mail server & it's a case of hunting the account, if it's a phishing report they'll usually tell you the URL of the fake page, & ask nicely if you can provide any further details from server logs.
  2. One last thing you can try... In device manager right-click the item with the yellow triangle & choose properties, go to the details tab & in the dropdown box choose "Hardware IDs". The top line will say something along the lines of VEN_1002&DEV_679E, stick that in Google, it's found me some awkward drivers a few times before. Watch out for some of the third party driver sites though, they can be a bit dodgy.
  3. As far as how it looks it's really nice, some inconsistent padding on the links page that could be tidier & is tweaking my slightly OCD side but that's it. As far as the code behind it though sorry it's but it's terrible to look at... I'm assuming it's been done using some WYSIWYG html editor or site builder, it's an absolute mess of code, it's using tables for layout & a real mess of divs to split up & contain everything, eg instead of... <div class="paragraph"> <font color="#de2222" size="5"> <br> <span></span> <br> <span></span> The Lady Vanishes movie posters </font> </div> ...you should just have something like... <h3>The Lady Vanishes movie posters</h3> ...& do the rest in css. Makes going through & making changes/additions a *lot* easier. If you just want to know what people think of how it looks though just read the first paragraph, it'll work fine on most browsers & looks very nice.
  4. This is the best supermoon shot I got...
  5. If you're trying the old version from driver CD you may want to see if there's a newer version for your camera. I've just found this... http://support-hk.canon-asia.com/contents/HK/EN/0200372802.html for EOS-1D X, EOS-1D C, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 6D, so you never know, there may be an update that'll support your camera. The way you get EOS Utility to work on Windows 7, for example, is to download the update (which is the entire updated program really) from Canon, & tweak your windows registry to make the "update" think it's actually updating something.
  6. If it's old software it may help to run it in "compatibility mode" for Windows XP. If you right click the desktop or menu icon for the program & choose "properties" you'll see a "compatibility" tab in the box that opens. In there set it to Windows XP.
  7. Strange, always said I had an unsupported browser when I tried... I just had a Google Chrome install on one PC & synced plugins through that in the end.
  8. I didn't know they did a Firefox flavoured one... I use Comodo but tend to turn off all the stuff that'd make the browser worthwhile, I'd imagine that if you used all their plugins, sandboxing & secure DNS that it'd be quite a good way to go for a secure browser, assuming it is updated when Chrome is updated & that you can use the Chrome app store (last time I checked SRWare Iron, based on Chromium, couldn't use the App Store directly for example).
  9. Thanks, yeah the first one is a great spot for a 360, & the sky changed perfectly in the half hour before too. I like the crystal ball thing, I wouldn't have the patience for that (& I have ugly hands).
  10. Hello Can anyone think of any nice places for 360° panoramas around Sheffield? I've mainly been taking landscapes, now I'm getting better at it I'd like to find places that are a bit more challenging, but apart from getting to the Peace Gardens early morning while it's empty I'm struggling to think of places that'd look good. Apart from this room, which is my nemesis
  11. It you go out to Greasborough (north of Rotherham) there's the start of Wentworth Fisheries, where you can walk through to Wentworth Woodhouse. There are three fishing lakes, & some meadows around the edge to the Greasborough side. Also pylons going over part of it, but easy enough to Photoshop power lines out If you like fields of poppies the road from Nether Haugh to Wentworth has a couple of fields that are oozing them, or were a month ago, & there's also a field along that road where they grow sunflowers quite often, though can't remember seeing them this year. And if you're out that way, Elsecar reservoir. You may get lucky with some of the fields to the north-east that overlook the less pretty end of the res, if not there's generally something flowering round the edge.
  12. A couple of mine... Hope Valley towards Edale. Ladybower.
  13. Ballmer announces his retirement, & by the end of the day the share price has jumped by 10%. That says everything you need to know about his perceived performance really, everything else is just opinion.
  14. Still having problems? I might be able to help you unravel it with a better explanation, PM me.
  15. Denomis. When your anti-Linux troll gland starts firing up again please consider that you have (& never can or will have by the blinkered attitude you consistently demonstrate) absolutely no idea what works for other people. If you have no interest in using Linux then fair enough, but answering "install Windows" or other similar crap to a genuine request for help with Linux isn't big, clever, funny, or mature. And before the obvious butthurt reply about me being some rabid *nix neckbeard I use Windows mainly, but have a Linux desktop for doing more meaningful work. You know, because it works for me & I don't spit my dummy out when people suggest other operating systems. In fact it's more useful that Windows as a desktop OS in my case. In answer to your (shock horror) actual genuine question, yes most popular distributions are available as a live CD/DVD. In answer to Julado's latest, I've had AWN go squiffy a couple of times too. Best way is just to remove & re-install AWN via whatever package manager you are used to. If that doesn't fix it then if you remove it, track down & delete the config files it uses (that'll probably still be sitting in a hidden directory within your home directory), & *then* re-install it you should be good, although you'll have to set up your preferences again I'm afraid. You *could* try backing up the prefs, & after re-install copying the necessary stuff back before running it, but good luck... I've tried AWN a couple of times & both times ended up dumping it, I know people who are more than happy with it but I can never get on with it... Maybe try Cairo Dock or another alternative, personally I prefer Cairo Dock, the UI for the management backend is a bit clunky but it seems more stable to me. Not sure what GUI Zorin uses from the screenshots I've found, some docks may get along better with Gnome/KDE/xfce due to what they're written with, if AWN gives you any more problems I'd suggest looking around for an alternative that suits you better. That's one of the benefits (& drawbacks) of Linux on the desktop, you want choice? Have enough choice to choke an elephant.
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