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  1. Abbeydale Sports Club has a room for up to about 100.
  2. Bonfire, Fireworks, Music, Lights and food - Saturday 5th November at OAC Common Lane £4 per person from 7.15pm
  3. been in a few times and the beer was good and it seemed ok to me !
  4. I've been and the food was good and well presented, service very good. As other people say, prices on the high side...
  5. The main issue seems to be people want traditional pubs / locals but also want low prices. With so many locals closing, sadly it seems that model is not always sustainable.
  6. I think the problem is that the Prince is no longer a pub. Its a restaurant with a bar. Price reflect that. M&B are clear that their strategy is food led. Seems pubs dont pay their way these days ! Lets hope the Cherry picks up as they have had a rough year or two !
  7. I went on Tuesday and thought the staff were excellent - much friendlier than some of the last lot ! It looks great, feels a nice place to be in and the food and drinks are good. Its just the prices...
  8. been to the prince for one of the launch parties - I like it ! food is good but a little pricey but the big improvement is the staff and management, they seem well trained and want you to enjoy yourself. Hope it goes well !
  9. I work in the city centre and support the work of the ambassadors- it feels much safer and the "new" public places. eg Barkers Pool, Peace Gardens etc still look like new without graffiti. They are an easy target for cuts but this should be resisted !
  10. got to agree with the people who have said La Terrazza and Rossi's
  11. cooljules - you make a good point ! as the Pride brochure says, we are quite lucky in the UK, but instances of prejudice still exist and its also an opportunity to celebrate those who fought for the equal rights which now exist, and remember that many people in other countries are not so lucky. Who knows, in the future Pride events will have no point when acceptance is universal. But even in Sheffield, Gay people are verbally and physically abused by drunken yobs in town on most weekends.
  12. Thought the organising team did a great job - well done to them all !
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