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  1. No you're not going crazy - it's by the post office. It's quite a small window with Christmas trees in it! Cheers .....
  2. Thanks Stevesheff - your suggestion worked! Can't think why it went down but it's working again, it's kind of re-set itself. Thanks again, Ashanta (& son)
  3. Hi My son has one of these and when he went to switch it on only the backlight was working and the Sony Ericsson logo. It was only off overnight and was working before. It won't do anything else. Any (polite) suggestions? Cheers Ashanta
  4. Hi there and thanks everyone - I'm off to get my mugshot done right now!
  5. Hi Does anyone know where the photo booths are now in the city centre? Or any photo shops who do them at a reasonable price? Cheers
  6. Aitor, yep, there's usually apartments all year round but it can take ages to find something suitable at the right price. I assume you have somewhere to stay for a few weeks while you look - it can take weeks and there is always lots of paperwork - i.d., credit checks etc. Renting privately is less hassle and cheaper - you may find something on here. Buena suerte... Ashanta
  7. Hi Thanks so much for your hints. I think I added too much flour and left it in the oven a little too long. Also the recipe said not to knead it or prove it so next time I will do both - though by hand 20 minutes will be a killer! I will certainly check out the website as I cannot find any "heavy" real bread and hate that rye stuff that's in packets! Thanks Ashanta
  8. Hi just made my first spelt loaf. It's really tasty and was easy to make but it's quite heavy (I used wholewheat spelt). I wondered if I could add something to lighten it a little without using wheat? - It's already stuffed with seeds. I think I overcooked it as the outside is rather crisp! Also, will this freeze as well as "normal" bread? Cheers Ashanta
  9. I guess by now you will have come across the special kind of humour we have in Sheffield
  10. Hi Lymington is a nice place if you want a small town (typical seaside but not naff). There's a posh harbour; a few shops, lovely pubs and some great beaches on this stretch. We've been a few times and there's plenty of cottages/houses. It's not far from the New Forest and you can visit Poole or even Bournemouth if you need retail therapy. I would recommend Suffolk as well if you don't want to go so far. Southwold, Aldeburgh etc are picturesque and plenty of walking, beaches & good bars, restaurants and shops. Have a great time wherever you go!
  11. No, they didn't upset me that much! I was just curious as to why WWF use the "Car sales" technique. I actually think it's a good cause but would rather decide myself when and where I give money etc. I guess it must be a commission thing but it's certainly put me off them...
  12. Last night there was a team of young people going around our street, wearing black uniforms with WWF emblazoned, badges, clipboards etc. I did answer the door (wish I hadn't) to a very insistent young woman who proceeded to tell me about saving the Amazon etc. I listened as long as I could but told her politely that I wasn't interested in signing anything at the door and make my own arrangements for charities/causes etc. "Why not?" she went on and totally changed her demeanour. I just found it odd that such a long standing, worthy cause would resort to a team of hard sellers. Are they real?? Ashanta
  13. Hi My son has volunteered for the King Ted's Sport Relief Mile on Friday but (typical of 14 year old) cannot tell me where it is, what time or why he has to pay 50p just to run in it! We are all chipping in to sponsor him but wouldn't mind knowing where it is. Is it just King Edwards? Any other pupils running who have remembered what the teacher said? Ashanta
  14. Hi swarfendor43 Thanks! - I tried the HP site and there was a patch for windows 7 upgrades. It's fine now! Cheers Ashanta
  15. Hi, I changed over to Windows 7 ages ago and have been using an HP printer without any problems. It installed straight away and hasn't given any problems. However when I try to open HP Solution centre (Printing is not so good) it immediately closes down and says no device installed which is clearly not the case. Any ideas? Cheers
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