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  1. i would be interested, i currently run a hpi baja 5b chris
  2. just rang them up but they dont repair bike radiators as they are aluminium but thanks for the info. chris
  3. :help:Hi Anybody know anywhere in shef that repair bike radiators my hornet 600 is leaking and a new radiator is in the region of £180 any help would be much appreciated
  4. i like it but you dont know when an item has been sold, maybe something that could be added, chris
  5. the printer works perfectly when the print server is attached to my router with an earthnet cable. I have tried re installing it and its still the same.
  6. non of the 4 ports are used everything is on wifi, chris
  7. Hi i have just bought a epson sx405 wifi edition which comes with a edimax ps 1208mfg print server. The problem comes when i try and set the wifi up through my netgear dg834. it works perfect when connected to any of the erathanet port in the router but when i remove the cable it no longer works. It wont connect I have never had networking problems before have 2 computers, ps3 and xbox using wifi perfectly. I am using all the same settings and encription and i have even tryed turning the encription off but it didnt help so i am stuck, any help would be appriated cheers chris
  8. i was in the same boat when i started driving, i have a 1.3 fiesta and i find that endsleigh is about the best below a grand for me at 17 and its still the cheapest for me 3 years on. hope this helps.
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