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  1. We will be downsizing to a smaller house soon and will no longer have anywhere to store our tent and camping stuff. Has anyone got a small dry space in the corner of a spare room (about 4 ft by 5 ft area) to keep our tent and camping gear? We will be happy to pay small rent (say about £10 per month) for your help. We would be grateful if there is anyone out there who can help. Please contact Barry or Sheila on 07777618356 or PM us
  2. What is happening at the old water works at low Bradfield anybody know?
  3. Does anyone Know why Wesley Nicholls coal merchants suddenly ceased trading on 8th April!
  4. There are loads of lorries and vans parked near the village green and in the evening there are lot of neon lights like a fairground on a building in the village. Does anyone know anything?
  5. Whats happening in Low Bradfield? Ther's loads of cars parked eveywhere. Barry
  6. What's happenning? There's loads of cars parked up all over bradfield
  7. Hi, We have some relations in Leeds Who have a son who is taking his finals at Nottingham Uni this summer and they want to celebrate his 21st Birthday in Sheffield with a a meal at somewhere special. They suggested Whitley Hall (which we all have good memories from 20 - 30 years ago of dinner dances - Barnsley Chops Etc.) Is it still good? What are the meals (menu) like? Do they still have dancing after the meal? Have they still got a pianist/live entertainment to create the right ambeience for a special occassion? Can anyone recommend an alternative venue for a special meal? Regards Barry
  8. I live in a hilly area where all mobile network sigals are very poor and I cannot get a signal inside my house. However, if I place the mobile at the top of the house next to the window I can get up to 3 bars and can even hold a conversation if I hold my head to the window - Not very practical (and my head gets cold). I work from home and clients often phone my mobile No. I have partly got around the problem by placing the phone "in it's position" and call forwarding all incoming calls to my landline. However, I often phone clients on their mobiles which gets very expensive on my landline and can't use up my free minutes on the mobile. I have found a company that that sells GSM booster kits (mobile repeaters) but they cost £200! - which I think is a bit over the top. I am with BT Anywhere (one year left on the contract) using a HTC S620 phone which uses GSM 850 GSM 900 and GSM 1800 Has anyone got a booster that they no longer want and wish to sell, or can anyone tell me where to go to get one without forking out so much.Or has anyone got any other ideas?
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