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  1. Recived a e,mail today about a book I ordered from Amazon the book was paid for and postage was free, the e.mail from, [ noreply@formresponse ] acting for [DHL-EXPRESS] said I owed £1.99 in shipping fees before it could be delivered and I must make this payment today, it then gives me an option to complete my payment before the package can be delivered, in other words get my bank details. The give away that this is SPAM is if you click on the [service-dhl@support,co,uk] part of the senders e.mail address it gives 25 other people who got the same e.mail, and DHL. Do Not deliver Amazon parcels. Just one of many scam's.
  2. I was once a five times a night man now as said nothing to drink at least three hours before bed especially if you are diabetic, medication Solifenacin one with breakfast one after tea, Mirabegron one a day after tea thats three a day does it help you ask, I still go at least twice a night some times it's just an urge some times a trickle, if it's playing on your mind waiting for the urge then you will never have a night's sleep.
  3. Hi Victor, Sounds intresting.
  4. The more people, men, put their experiences of having prostate cancer or investigation into prostate cancer on this forum, how it went for them, it was not as bad as they expected then other's might over come the trepidation of going to their Doctor if they don't feel well. Just a thought. :)
  5. In my case since the opperation in 2013 some times you think about what you miss the spirits willing but at 70 the body has failed me, so you have a cuddle and read a good book.
  6. Get away with you, if it works your never to old.
  7. The medication I'm on for what's been called a over active bladder by my Doctor, it's Solifenacin two a day, Mirabegron by Halamshire Urology one at night, also not to have any thing to drink after 5pm especially tea, coffee and alcohol, small amount of water or milk / Ovaltine is best for you wether the medication affect's your sexual prowess I don't know but tea, coffee and alcohol do. Every one has a different story to tell nealy every man at some time in the later stage's of their life has Prostrate Cancer it is a slow growing cancer some men die of old age never knowing of their cancer and it is found more prevelent in the ethnic majority. Going to the toilet multiple time's in the night make's me tired and the urgency while out shopping does not help so you plan your shopping around where there are toilets, isn't it nice to get old.
  8. Sorry I cannot help you there that was back in 2013 but look on line or, if you can call at your Doctors surgery, when I was told how bad my circumstances were I was shocked to be told what I had and how long I may have if it was not treated, every one thinks no it cannot happen to me it's some one else I was fit working i'm now retired not as fit but alive. It took me eight months to get over the operation I had a radical prostatectomy with radiotherapy follow up at Weston Park, they were brilliant so careing now it's all done by a surgeon operated robot so the operation does not take as long and it's key hole surgery my operation was classed as the equivalent to a women's hysterectomy for the stress it put's on you. I cannot stress to any man out there if you have any symptoms of exessive tiredness pain in the lower back and leg's the feeling of some one has kicked you in the ball's during and after sex get it seen to.
  9. I’m 69 my experience not pulling punch’s. Every man should know what your Prostrate does it is a stop tap for peeing it produces fluid for your reproductive system so after feeling tired with leg and lower back ache and a sex life that was excruciatingly painful because my Prostrate was killing me I had the finger test, which is not half as bad as people make out, after a biopsy I was diagnose at the Hallamshire Urology with Prostrate cancer in November 2012 opperated on in January 2013 not really given a choice on the scale of 1 good and 10 bad I was 9 they had me in as quick as that five hours in surgery, before it could spread to my Lymph glands then the rest of me if not there was a good chance I would have been dead in five years may be less. Down side because they took away my Lymph glands from there I developed lymphedema , the build-up of waste fluid which the body normally gets rid of, swelling in my legs but over the years this has settled down now they just ache after walking for a long time. I went back for six weeks of Radio therapy at Weston Park just as a precaution to mop up anything missed I now have a PSA level of 0.0003 which is good and six monthly check up’s, the only really down side is they took away muscles that give you an erection or anything to get hold of when going for a pee, can be messy if you’re not quick enough and hence the sex life is practically none existent but they do have a department to help with that and when you need to go you need to go because the stop taps not there but what’s the worst no sex life or not being here for my family when they need you. If your dought full about what to do go and talk to your Doctor or the Macmillan nurses they are very good kind and listen and don’t be a whoose about the finger test because you think it will not happen to me it is a silent killer.
  10. Thanks for that Dardandec. It's called the VDRS "Police Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme" "When a police officer finds a fault on any vehicle that is, or will be, required to have an MOT test certificate, they may issue a Vehicle Defect Rectification Form instead of advising or prosecuting the driver or issuing a prohibition notice. Once the defect is rectified, the form is endorsed by a Tester to confirm that this has been done adequately. The driver and/or owner must then return the completed form in the manner instructed on the form within the specified time, usually 14 days to avoid prosecution for the defects. Alternatively, to avoid prosecution, the driver and/or owner may produce evidence that the vehicle has been scrapped." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another question, is it true that your, third, brake light is not on the MOT check list so if that's out the Police cannot stop you for that and as long as the other two are working your car is up to the legal requirments.
  11. Question, how do you stand on this with the law, I call it the bathroom incident you know the thing where you go into the bath room put the light on come out turn it off go back in and ping the bulb goes, same with a brake light mine reflect in my garage doors before I sent off so I know they are working, after a couple of presses on the pedal ping the bulb goes my car tell's me I have a bulb out, I all way's carry a spare, mine is a Ford Mondeo and it is fiddely to change working blind by feel only, next PC pull's you over for having a brake light out you tell him your story, it was working when I left home and show him your spare, does he still slap you with a £60 fine or give you the benefit of the dought and let you go.
  12. Hello, thanks for that Enntee, looked a bit more in to it, RARE GEORGE FORMBY SENIOR 78 " JOHN WILLIE'S RAGTIME BAND Old time musical like City Varieties Music Hall Leeds, There was nobody musical in my family.
  13. I presume it all depends on which area you come from or live with it's coming down like stir / stair rods my Mother was from Crooks my Dad from Jump in Barnsley his parents use to say, "Here come's John Willy hat band " no idea what it refered to.
  14. When it's raining heavy and the rain is coming straight down, my Mother would say, It's raining stir rod's.
  15. Morning all, we live in Chapeltown S35 the quality of our water is good, not bad for Council Pop but can anyone enlighten me which part of Yorkshire our water come's from we know it's Trent Water, or use to be, now Yorkshire Water and, important, is our water hard or soft. Thanks
  16. Evening all, thanks for your input and surgetion's to help solve this problem, did'nt need to buy a Scart to HDMI cable as I already had a HDMI cable connected from the VCR so I connected it to the New Sony TV and it worked. Thanks
  17. Thanks for that we haven't actually got it yet it will be delivered next week just trying to get in front with the right cable before it arrives.
  18. Any technical bod’s out there, just had to buy a new T.V. not surprised but today’s all singing and dancing T.V.’s don’t have Scart connections any more the woman in John Lewis say’s you need a Scart to HDMI lead to connect my Video recorder to it but there are so many on Amazon any one give me a clue which is which. Thanks
  19. To true many do like to believe hoping there is something after death I’m sixty nine my Father died twenty years ago and he use to say if there is some way to get back I will he saw a lot of death in the war so it didn’t scare him and I’m still waiting, what I saw and others too I still remember whether it was a trick of the light or a shadow crossing the wall I don’t know but four of us saw the same thing over time so unless people experience a similar kind of thing then you have to believe your own judgment personally I like to believe that when your dead your dead as nobody has ever come back and said other wise.
  20. Back in the 70’s I worked for Newton Chambers in their implant printers it was at that time when the power strikes were on and we only got power from Friday to Sunday, my job this particular day was trimming printed jobs for the staff that came in on Monday to finish them off when electricity wasn’t needed. I was working on my own when I saw a figure plain as day walk past me from out of an alcove and fade into a room just behind me I only saw him from the waist up flat cap, muffler and carrying a box I presume it was a lunchbox I ran up stair’s to where the printers where working and told them thinking it was a practical joke on a trainee, I was only twenty. No they knew all about him over the year’s they had seen him too, the building we were in was the original power house back in the 1800’s then a gymnasium in the war years and finally the print shop it was built on the earlier site of some Pig Iron Retunders and a path where workers walked home the path was lower than our building hence I only saw him from the waist up, this particular day there was an accident where the Pig Iron splashed out of the Retunder furnace and killed this man so he was still trying to get home. Now people say ghosts or a phenomenon like this doesn’t exist it’s a trick of the mind a trick of the light I know what I saw and so did the people I worked with, these building no longer exist they are now new office block’s so I wonder if he still walk’s through them.
  21. My gum's are quite "healthy" thanks you do not have to have diseased gum's for them to be receding.
  22. I have what they call receding gums they are healthy but somethings irritate my gums / nerves the Dentist recommended any Sensodine tooth paste so I tried it to no avail she then asked me to try, Fluoride 5000ppm Toothpaste which is in a 51gram tube and contains 1gram of Fluoride as Sodium Fluoride per 5 grams, as well as the normal flavourings etc it also contains, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbitol Solution and Propylene Glycol used over a week morning and night it works hot drinks, ice cream no problem it's not ever lasting so you have to use it when ever your gums ache. The only thing is you can only get it on prescription not available in the shops and a warning of Do Not swallow. It is sold through Morningside Health Care Leicester.
  23. We used Foys Solicitors Burncross Road Chapeltown S35. straight forward told us what we could do and what we should do when leaving your worldly goods to next of kin.
  24. Do you know Meadow Hall shopping center, you want the B6082 which runs parallel to the top side of MHall and the interchange, look on google maps, across from JM Motors, on the main road, there is a road that goes Up into a industrial estate on Roman Ridge Road follow the road round to your right and near the top on your right hand side there are two suppliers to the hair and beauty trade one is Salon Services and Adel Services you cannot miss them they are well sign posted and there is only one road in and out of this estate it is a circle just follow it round. Address Roman Ridge Road S9
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