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  1. Not sure if anyone on here is heading abroad this year with the kids, but I have managed to find a handy little code to save on parking at the airport this year (and they do most airports in the UK!). Here is the link if you want a nosey http://www.holidayextras.co.uk/?agent=WL909 (the discount shows at the end of the transaction). Hopefully will help you out there too to save a few pounds, as I know what it is like taking kids and the school holiday price hikes we have to deal with! (Also they do UK day trip offers!, I had a good look on the site!)
  2. Westfield Craft Club, every Wednesday 12 til 3pm at Com.Unity, Westfield Centre, S20 8ND. We do a varied range of crafts, and have been running for over a year now, free to come along and enjoy, donations are welcome. Kids welcome. There is also a Kids club that is provisionally running fortnightly 3.30pm to 5pm on Mondays in Term time. Message me for dates for 2016 to 2017 term. Message me for the link to the Facebook page or for more info. Thanks Helen Hartley
  3. I am getting married at the end of june, and need to find a place with a function room where i can have an evening party. It has to be on a low budget too, and on the mosborough side of sheffield. Any advice would be so helpful
  4. You mean Jason?? Well remember loads teachers n in touch with many people from westfield on facebook! Theres loads on there!
  5. Hi, does anyone know of any bellydancing classes going off in the S20 area of sheffield. I know there are asome hillsborough side of town etc, but have rarely heard of any close to beighton, and as i dont drive its quite hard to go to other side of town all the time. Thanks Helen
  6. Does anyone know of any really good restaurants, cafes etc which do top class gluten free food? The only places i know are la tasca in meadowhall and a small coffee shop near the crucible, and obviously more choice would be fun!! Thanks Helen
  7. Hi, does anyone have any tips on setting up a website which isnt one of the free server ones (ie freewebs). I have a freewebs site which deals with my art and photography etc combined but need to sort out proper domain name site for the photography side alone. I have no idea with the codes etc they use on them and dont want to spend pots of cash just getting it made. Ive only ever done a freewebs site where its simple and easy, so making a proper site is going to be a task you could say! Thanks Helen
  8. Where abouts in Sheffield are you?
  9. Hi, im guessin the tables will have gone now! But would love it if you kept in touch as to further events, specially local like this one. Thanks Helen 07852306087
  10. Hi i live in beighton, and i also do handmade cards and jewellery, dont have many pics on my website at mo as i need to update that section, but could always send you a few photos via email? Thanks Helen http://www.freewebs.com/hcotterill 07852306087
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