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  1. Hiya. Thanks for that. It is Hammer house of horror. Found it on you tube this morning!
  2. I was talking with a friend about classic horror films. As we discussed Childs Play, I was on about the one with Chucky but apparently there is another film by the same name but different story. Wondered if anyone can shed any light? Its a black and white film. Its about a family who wake up and find a metal wall built around their house. They couldnt escape. they made a hole in the roof but the metal was there keeping them in. When they tried to dig thru the floor, they kept hitting metal. Obvioulsy when you google childs play it brings up Chucky. so Im thinking maybe he got the name of the film wrong? Any help would be greatly received. Thanks
  3. Sick notes still do what they say on the tin but they still count on the bradford scale of things. Plus when my sis had a sick note they just harassed her.
  4. Hi and thanks for the replies so far. Before now I think the company just monitored people on an individual basis. When my sister has phoned in ill before they asked her to take it as holiday (which is naughty) but she has agreed as she doesnt want a bad absence record. Also when she was last off with her ankle (she couldnt drive or walk on it) her boss demanded a call everyday she was off (signed off for 2 weeks but she endedup going in after just 3 days as she felt harrased). I did tell her she should consult HR cos he shouldnt be doing that if she is signed off by the doc. The new policy came in 1st April - as far as im aware she hasnt signed a new contract, I asked her to check what she had been asked to sign and its just to confirm the policy has been explained and she understands it. Only problem with her getting a new job - she has just found out she is pregnant so cant really leave now. Obviously this makes her more nervous now - she understands that employers cant openly discriminate against pregnancy but obviously she thinks they may use the record to try to get rid of her. To put it in perspective - she has had 3 days off (1 day off was to see doc who then signed her off for 2weeks, but only took 3 days in end). they are saying if she has 1 more day off this year she will have a formal warning.
  5. Hi, My sister works for quite a big company and on 1st April they had a meeting with all staff and informed them they are now going by the Bradford policy for sickness and (individually) told each person if they are going to have counselling/stage 1 warning. The policy is being backdated 12months and I wondered if this is legal? My sister is a hardworker and has had 3 days off in total (3 seperate days, once because she sprained her ankle on way to work - she went to docs, once because she was being sick all day at work so got sent home, and once which is a bit more personal). She never took more than 1 day off and really went back to work on all occasions because she felt guilty about being off. She has been told that if she has another day off then she gets a stage 1 verbal warning... I can see why employers take on the Bradford practice (as it does stop "skivers" who take 1 day here and there just for a day off) but equally staff may as well take a week each time they only need a day. Basically my question is, can they backdate the policy for 12months and hence discipline people under the new practice - even though it wasnt in at the time they were off. From what she says - a few people are being dragged in for disciplinaries for being absent under a practice that wasnt in when they were ill. Just seems very unfair to be able to backdate it. Thanks:help:
  6. Hi All I have a square cake tin which is 23cmx23cm or 9"x9" and Im looking for a a vanilla sponge recipie. Ive tried the internet and have found 1 that looks ok but wanted to know if anyone local has any tips or knows where I can find a recepie for this type of cake. Thanks:help:
  7. You could also try Alan King violins in Sheffield - they have a great range. There is a man there called Alan (cant remember his last name) but he is the older alan - brilliant player too. They have all kinds of violins at different prices - your daughter would be able to try as many as she wanted. They also offered me a weeks trial with the violin I brought but I loved it that much I knew I didnt need a trial...'-)
  8. Just wondered if anyone can answer my question? Im after some tickets to go to o2 in London. Is the standing area the same as Sheffield arena - ie you get there and can wonder around anywhere on the floor? Its just looking on e-bay for tickets and all the standing ones are listed as standing but then 1 listing actually advertises standing but puts in description "row 80". Ive sent the ebayer a question but hasnt reponded. They are a really good price otherwise I would just look elsewhere. Help!! Thanks:help:
  9. Mccarthy has no-one to answer to. He is the manager of the club and if you start to take squad decisions from a manager then you take part of the club. I dont see what all the fuss was about, all the players that played against Man utd were 1st team players and had a right to play. That was the strongest side Mick could have put out and s thats what he did. I personally think he is right and I have a lot of respect for the man. Wolves have been unlucky with all the injuries that have happened in the past few weeks and he has to react to that. 9 points out of 12 is damn good for Wolves, and Mick shouldnt have to explain himself to anyone. All the players understand, the Chairman & CEO understand and the majority of premier league managers have come out in support too. Just the media playing games again, trying to cause trouble. Well, Wolves are 12th at the mo and I wish them the best of luck for boxing day against Liverpool. C'mon Wolves Super, super mick, super, super mick, super, super mick, super mick mccarthy.
  10. The one in Chapletown isnt an agency, its an estate agency. There are 3 types of offices within Halifax 1) Main branches eg meadowhall 2) Estate Agencies - been sold to LSL and so all estate agency offices with counters are closing on 8th Jan & the actual estate agency part is closing on 15th and then will be re-branded. 3) Independent agencies - these are the seperate businesses that choose to have a halifax presence inside their business. The independent agencies are everywhere and so in alot of cases an agency will be nearer to you than a main branch. If you search on halifax website for independent agencies it will show you your nearest ones. Agencies are very much open and havent been sold. The only part that has been sold is the Estate agency part of the business which was owned by halifax.
  11. Just so you know, you dont have to go into Hillsborough...If you go onto the halifax.co.uk and do a branch finder - put your place name in and click on "independent agencies" - you will probably find there is a halifax agency closer to you that a main halifax/tsb branch. They are called independent agencies and are like a francise - owned by businessmen/women but with a halifax counter. (they can do most things that a main branch can do, there are only certain things that they would need to refer you to a branch but that doesnt happen often). They dont put these little agencies on your letters but please know they are there and like I say - you may find one nearer than a main branch.
  12. Double Cross- James Patterson. excellent 9/10
  13. In Bruges isnt a comedy although I thought very funny - I havent laughed so much in ages!! great film Drop dead fred. However the funiest if them all - DUMB & DUMBER
  14. Trust me - Jeff Abbott - 10/10. Found this author about 18months ago when I read "Panic" & "Fear"- both of thoseworthy of a 10/10 too.
  15. We were gonna see him on tour but were replying on a couple fo e-bay specials... If we had of got tickets then I think we would have applied for refund on 1 and had the souvenir on the other. At the end of the day its a money making scheme thought up by the promoter so they dont lose the money (its just they dress it up as wanting to give souvenirs)
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