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  1. Anyone know what the old bowling alley is going to be on richmond rd / bramley lane , Handsworth??
  2. the vectra driver this mornin goin up towards the parkway from mossy bypass , who thought he was banger racing when he tried to force me into the side of the road because i wouldnt let him in !! Get in the queue like everyone else pal .
  3. Got to agree with justin smith guys , anything german !! Every morning at around 7.10 on the bypass between coisley hill and the parkway , there is some form of road rage (guaranteed ) , just where two lanes go into one , under the bridge & its always always something german causing it !
  4. Whenever im buying a used car , i would rather buy private .This way , the current owner can advise on what the car has had done , when , where and how much ! Where as a dealer or used car salesperson will know sod all except how much they paid and how much they want to make on it . Go for the lowest mileage , full service history , the least amount of owners and do loads of research into the particular car im wanting ! As a rule i stick to japanese , as they are soooooo reliable .
  5. Before considering the fiat 500 , just google fiat 500 euro 6 problems ! It certainly put me off . Have you considered the toyota aygo ? I know they are not the cheapest to buy but we're on our third , and have had absolutely no problems what so ever over the last 5 years . FREE road tax on the newer ones , mega miles per gallon and group one insurance .
  6. Having moved from handsworth to sothall four years ago , we welcomed the belfry refit / re brand , as this will be our new local ! We find the food tasty , the staff very friendly (some cant do enough for you ) and the guinness tastes like guinness ! The prices are reasonable , no better or worse than any other estate pub and the atmosphere welcoming keep it up belfry !
  7. Thanks for the replies , its about my personal pension steveroberts ! cheers
  8. Pension advisor needed , preferably in sheffield . Anyone know or used any ?? Thanks.
  9. Im with paolo coopio . Orchard lane has to be the worst road in sheffield , its the most direct route to my house but i sometimes find myself making longer diversions to avoid it !
  10. ill second Kid Sampson , we have three citybugs in the family ! My daughters have an aygo & a C1 (20 quid a year to tax ) and my wife has a new aygo fire ( FREE road tax )You wont find much thats cheaper to run than these cars ! Extremely reliable too , being toyota engines . Cheap on fuel , cheap insurance (group one ) and cheap to service too . It cost me 35quid to service the c1 , using genuine parts too !
  11. Im looking to buy a newer car but im quite fancying an auto ! In 27 years of driving , ive never had one . Id like to get some pros and cons from people who have them and people who dont , to try and make up my mind ! Any feedback appreciated . thanks
  12. petrol vectras dont have a DMF only diesels ! Ifink But vauxhalls 2.2s are known for timing chains going awol , so maybe its jumped a tooth ?
  13. My daughter returned home the other day , just as the bin man was walking straight past her bin . When asked why he ignored it , the binman replied " the lids not shut ":huh: . She promptly closed the the lid by half an inch , yes half an inch ! then asked him to try again . He took it ! Health and safety ? no . Jobsworth ? no . Was he just being an awkward git ? YES !
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