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  1. I passed through The Moor on the way from work today. There appears to be another South Indian/Sri Lankan place opening in Sheffield. This is the most central of locations, with others on Abbeydale Road and another one in Crookes. From the sign I think it's called "Sai Nivas" and is opening in the next few days. It's on the premises of the former El Paso site on Cumberland St (El Paso of course shifted next door to where the Moorfoot Tavern used to be). Will be sure to check this one out. The small selection of South Indian eateries in the city have been decent.
  2. It ran between Friday and Sunday in 2012 and 13. The weekends tended to be the busiest (and perhaps the best). Not too sure which stalls attracted the most people as I only had a couple in mind. For me it was always a Caribbean food stall by the name of Rhumbah. Hope they're around for this festival. Will be interesting to see how well it goes down in the new location as well as being in May, not September.
  3. Rajput on Commonside is alright. Akbar's near Meadowhall (towards Rotherham) is bloody amazing last time I went. Check out Ashoka (Eccelsall Road) and Kashmiri Aroma (Woodseats) too. In terms of the small number of South Indian restaurants, I have been to East and West (which is more like a café) and Maveli. Very good overall. On Staniforth Road there is a restaurant that currently goes by the name of Mirpuri Dhera. I believe it has been under different management over the years hence the constant re-branding. It began as Estikutum nearly a decade ago. Quite nice for a buffet meal.
  4. Gotta love the priorities of SCC. More than willing to 'recognise' Somaliland in order to win a few votes from that community. But delaying a decision on a store that many residents want in the area. The eastern section of Sheffield needs more jobs. This is becoming as farcical as the Next decision. IKEA could pack up and move elsewhere if they're being mucked about like this. I'm sure Markham Vale near Chesterfield would be happy to take them on.
  5. I read on the Huffington Post this morning that a UKIP event in London was the subject of heckling by those crusty, mouth breathing rent-a-Trots from UAF and SWP. Far left morons like that have failed to take any votes from disillusioned ex-Labour votes for their puritanical views about immigration. Hence why UKIP has done just that. British people (including a lot from established immigrant communities) are legitimately concerned about new waves of immigration. To continue blindly dismissing them as "fascists" will just strengthen UKIP. In terms of the Sheffield local elections, I wouldn't care if UKIP won a few seats as a backlash to the woeful performance of Labour in our city. They have used the economic problems to complain about the government's policies, while cutting library services, keeping the city centre stagnant and sitting on their hands about IKEA. The Lib Dems no longer have any credibility and the Tories are non-existent in Sheffield. If there has to be a protest vote against Julie Dore and her clueless cabinet, it might as well be from UKIP.
  6. Just seems like a continuation of Real Radio if you ask me. They play a current chart song followed by an 80s or 90s tune. I mainly tuned into Real for the dance classics show on Saturday nights. Not sure if anything equivalent is on the Heart schedule.
  7. From my own experience would have to be Mud Crab on Eccy Rd. Food is brilliant overall and last time I was there there was gingerbread flavour milkshake too! A colleague of mine recommended Swanky Franks in Woodseats.
  8. Miss this place to bits!! Was there from 91 to 98. Nostalgia really kicks in here lol. The summers at playtime on the newly mowed lawn were the best. For anyone who remembers, Mrs Harrison was the nicest teacher I ever had. Poole was a legend, that goes without saying.
  9. Birkdale from 98 to 2003, went to Silverdale between 2003-05 for my A-levels. Can't say I regretted it lol.
  10. Me and my family are thrilled to bits this take away's been opened. My dad is south Indian (from Kerala to be precise) and my mum, despite being Indian too, isn't really a big fan of the typical curry house restaurant/meals. We've always been big on veg Indian food (south Indian, Punjabi and Gujarati), so it was virtually impossible to come by any actual restaurants in the area (though my parents promised they'd get back into cooking the stuff themselves at home lol!). Closest thing was going to Leicester. Apparently one of the ladies who runs East & West handed my parents a flyer about the place a couple of weeks ago--and we have never looked back!! Got my fill of idli, sambhar and coconut chutney which are excellent. Also tried out the Sri Lankan mutton roll dish which is great too (couple of mates from uni are Tamil and tried them out when over at their flats). Will have to try out the dosa too. Also, anyone remember Singapore Dosa (think that was its name), which was on Abbeydale Road as well? Opened around summer of 2004 but was short lived because the owners had visa problems, from what I heard. That said, I got the feeling the potential of south Indian cuisine in Sheffield was immense as the place was filled to the brim gradually. Demand was up and they had to often accommodate people outside...
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