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  1. Hi does anyone know why the gates been locked on the old plumpers. Section ?
  2. hi im not sure yet nearest are parsons x and shirecliffe i think im waiting for them to get back to me thanks for the reply
  3. hi my son turned 2 in august but doesn't say many words he is being reffered to a group called talking toddlers i was wondering if anyones lo's had been and what its like and what kind of things they do and did it help ?
  4. Property Offered Area: shiregreen Type of Property: house Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: sanctuary Any other information:drive at front Property Wanted Area: shiregreen Type of Property: house Number of Bedrooms: 3 Landlord: sanctuary Any other information:needing a 3 bedroom due to kids needing a extra bedroom pm me for details
  5. hi LJB we were expecting at the same time if i remember righ noah is 22 months old well will be 2 on 8th aug
  6. hi LJB and doodles glad all the bambinos are well the wright glad everything is ok havent been on much so trying to catch up lol my too are a right handfull well the oldest noah is still doesnt say many words though so im a bit worried oli is walkin with furniture now and a dare devil so thinkin he will be walkin anytime now then the fun will begin !!
  7. hi i got 2 boys exactly 11 month apart 21 and 11 month old
  8. hi theres exactly 11 month between my 2 there now 21 and 10month old it ishard work like when there bot ill or wantin attention but im hoping they will grow up to be the best of friends too !! congratulation by the way x
  9. hi everyone congratulations on jacob my 1st day back at work tmoz im dreading it hope everyone and babies well x
  10. hi LJB glad all is well i havent been keeping check on the post for a while do u no what your having ? noah is in the terrible 2s early oli is a very happy chappy and nearly crawling im back at work at begining of april but i had a hernia op last week so still sore and got an op on my ear on 20th april
  11. I didnt ask if i had i wouldnt av been asking on here i was driving past when i noticed it
  12. Hi i went past the carpark for the park at ecclesfield across from.police station and t:confused:here was a serious incident police van and area taped off does anyone know whats happened ?
  13. Hi does anyone know anymore books like weerz mi dad or weerz me mam or anything like them ?
  14. hi thanks for the replys i rung it as soon as i realised i didnt have it ant the phone had been turned off i have cancelled the contract
  15. hi i know its a long shot but i have lost my mobile phone this morning near the hallamshire hosp / king edwards school(i think its called) i was wondering if anyone had found it its a samsung galaxy s im not bothered about the phone really but it is full of pictures of my baby boys that i cant replace from when they were 1st born thanks for reading.
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