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  1. It's been demolished again, second time in two years! Anyone know what exactly happened?
  2. Hi Gang, I'm the OP. Have skimmed all you lot's 17 pages of responses, and thanks for these. Of course, this thread has kicked off a few regulars, no harm done there.. Meanwhile I just thought I'd say the last two posts were amongst the best. We do need creative solutions. T' Council have no money and no power, no use asking them for help. We do need to be something that keeps Sheffield City on top of the National News Agenda over and endlessly, as does Detroit in the US, and I am suggesting we become The National Centre for street entertainment, street art, City-Centre gardening, one-person-shop businesses, pop-up businesses, theatre company and bands 'open viewing' shop-window rehearsals, John Lewis Wedding and MP's expenses lists , Harvey Nichols seconds/swap shop, Art In The Parks, Not-Banksy Graffiti, OXFAM couture, sub- Christies art auctions, meditation spaces (that garden near City Hall in good) and that's all I can think of at the mo but there will be hundreds of other suggestions no doubt, if you get my drift. s. In short - the City Centre should be a 'destination' place to visit for its fun, entertainment and challenge - besides affordable shopping for the basics and of course M&S jeans etc. Even without the boring upmarket chain shops. And while I'm on, I do hope all you Sheff Hallam residents are going to vote Labour, so we can all have a laugh watching Nick Clegg go down the plughole and of course, Green in Central, where Gillian Creasey could become the second Green MP. Obviously many of you won't agree, but both these choices would big up Sheff on the political map... Cheers, Tom
  3. Starting a new thread as all the others seem near misses. Thing is, as far as I can see, empty retail spaces are increasing and occupied retail space decreasing. And 'occupied' is host to a growing number of 'take money off the poor' businesses. Betting shops, slot machines, pay-day lenders, pawnbrokers. Remember we used to have House Of Fraser? Which went to TJ Hughes. Which went to Poundshop. Can't be a more dramatic demo than that of what's happening. Then again, there are proposals for new office blocks when there must be already thousands (millions?) of sq.ft. of unlet office space already. And where does that leave the dream (?) of the appallingly-named 'Sevenstone' big city centre development? Nowhere. And it's not going to get any better, ever.
  4. Tried Jungle Lion? Best ska/reggae band in the universe. See Junglelionska.co.uk or Facebook.
  5. Thanks for these responses, folks. I'm definitely looking at eBay.
  6. Can anyone lend me one, so's I can transfer stuff to digital? Have just inherited tons of stuff from my dear old (dead) Uncle Leon....
  7. There isn't a pub within miles of Dore Station, is there?
  8. Loved Jungle Lion at Sheftival on same bill as Toots and the Maytals
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