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  1. our surname is cain we lived on freedom st above stones shop
  2. hello Ecclesfied im trying to find people who went to the greyhound folk club to tell stories of them times.
  3. wed v port vale whats the score.
  4. it has now stopped but i would pay 2 pound for it to print again.
  5. do you remember the folk club over the greyhound pub.
  6. only nora when she got them out of the hot water in the ladys bridgelol.
  7. 4/4 like tony marshall who looked after the sheep.
  8. iam also a tony and i didnt look after the sheep.
  9. frank savage lost his wife kath last week and the funeral was on wednesday and her maiden name was hackett who was related to the kays who lived on the steel houses tony, ken and brian.
  10. thanks tigerboy and you will grow up into tigerman lol:hihi::hihi:
  11. doing good thanks and i would love to see you in the peaks. Iam going for the beagle pub lol but i wonder if i would get all the lads together if there would be any beer left lol.
  12. i was there and i remember all thode you have said and i was in the same class as the tony who looked after hawkins the sheep.
  13. well i will speak out what i think as iam not afraid to say so when we are underdogs, but yes we will turn it around. its easy to say when your on top but learn to swallow if it all goes wrong.
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