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  1. I took my car for lpg diagnostics this morning at pitstop mvm , they were very honest/ updated the software and even fixed the problem for 40 quid so couldn't complain at all
  2. Thanks, some of our freinds have had there house burgled locally too, time to step up the security i think!
  3. We have had our house burgled at s2 (heeley)at some point between 11am and 4pm today, only a laptop and a laptop case was taken, they smashed and entered through the back window (nothing else) think our neighbour disturbed him/them if anyone happens to come across a laptop or case that matches the ones in the pictures although in the picture the zips are black there is only 1 silver zip on the case and the other missing please pm me, happy christmas all. http://i45.tinypic.com/25jle12.jpg http://i47.tinypic.com/122dhew.jpg
  4. Im careful of course , it came off after a good chip and bang but spent 3 hours trying to reassemble the switch as the light only then came on intermittently, must have taken a chunk of plastic out too then, now time to call the landlord!
  5. yep its now twisting but as its been tiled over in the past its only twisting so far then stopping where a small hole was cut in the tile to fit around it! looks like ill have to shave some plastic off the fitting itself.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys I tried that but it looks like its been sealed to the side of the wall too bizzarely:confused: ill try and give it another good twist though.
  7. Ok so ive managed to pull the cord out of my bathroom light switch- now im resonably diy savvy but im faced with a slight dillema, the switch that the cord pulls from has no screws on it at all to offer any chance of either replacing the cord/switch, any ideas what i can do to remove it as it hasent been painted over underneath but has been painted over around the sides, hope someone can help as im either in the dark or throwing money at n-power at the moment
  8. Totally agree there, sorted my clutch out at a very low price and very quickly.
  9. I bought a voucher for one of these the last time the deal was on (mini helicopters) and when i ordered it about 3 months ago 2 came to my door both addressed to me? diddent complain though:hihi:
  10. Ocean Drive (Gb) Ltd at deepcar, sold an absolute lemon to me so avoid like the plague! washed a major oil leak under the vehicle away when it gushed out on me when i got home and would only repair 3 faults on my car when there were 11, attempting going legal now! ive never had much luck buying from garages though had a fiat from woodleigh in chesterfield that had a stream of problems just after the 3 month warranty period and another fiat from autoworld that did practically the same, bought a nissan primeria privately and went through 2 mots with no minors and not 1 repair needed in 2 years, Dont think ill go to a dealer again:mad:
  11. I got it about 3 weeks ago and 5 days of that it has been in the garage having repairs on his behalf he just doesent think the oil leak was there before despite the fact ive only travelled about 100 miles in it? he said the company are happy to go the legal route dispite the fact he wouldent let me speak to any of his apparent associates? he said he wouldn't pay more to repair the car now and he doesent need to in respect of the price he sold it to me at and something to do with principles of the sale? also i failed to mention it says on the reciept (sold as unroadworthy with known faults) he said that was in respect of the very worn tyre the car had but that diident put me off at the time as he agreed to drop the price because of that too regrettable deal and a warning to others, here is the cars he is selling http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/oceandrivesales/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25&_trksid=p3686 here is the car i bought- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330610070406?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649#ht_1469wt_1270
  12. I wouldent have done the deal if i knew about the problems before even though by looking at it the bodywork and general look was fine and its hard to tell other things on a vehicle thats new to you (mechanical) until you've had it a week or 2 its just obvious this guy is just selling and buying vehicles without even looking at them, if i wanted this kind of response i would have bought private:( he even swore in the name of god with a bible that he bought the car i bought off him for £1800 so obviously i got a good deal lol
  13. Has anybody else dealt with a car dealer at deepcar who operates in a furniture shop and sells his vehicles online through ebay? i know i have and its gotta be the worst mistake ive made as 3 weeks ago i bought an 02 plate rx4 4x4 for £1350 and part exed my nissan primeria,ive found it has various problems which the dealer originally did-dent think he had to pay for but has agreed to pay up to £250 to repair the propshaft and the air con which is what it will cost at the nominated garage near where he operates many miles away from where i live, however while in repair i noticed oil outside my house and when i got it back- i knew it, a major oil leak and even though the propshaft hasent been fitted yet as it is being renewed and to be fitted tomorrow the dealer doesent think the leak is his problem and wasent on the car when he sold it me and diddent feel any of the problems should have been his responsibly however im fuming as the brickwork outside my house is stained, the dealer originally dropped the price of the deal by £150 and said it would forfeit my warranty so therefore its my problem and said he would be happy to go legal! also i noticed the car i part ex-d was put on ebay 2 days later for £2,899 however when i discovered the first set of faults and rung him and said asked him for it back 3 days after the sale he refused and sold it to another garage, and thats when i demanded for it to be repaired, would anyone who deals in cars be able to tell me if i have a leg to stand on now the first lot of repairs are being carried out in regards to the leaking oil
  14. I taken it back today to be examined and they said if it needed a new driveshaft it would require the whole driveshaft plut cv joint as apparently it comes as one unit in that case, but said they need a good 5 or so hours to fully strip and examine it and if it needed a replacement im looking at approx £135 plus vat on top of that:suspect: i mean i know it was a pain in the arse to remove but you shouldent damage the driveshaft in the process. thanks for the advice i should have thought i wouldent have to pay more on top of the origianal price:)
  15. I recently taken my car to f1 motors in chesterfield to have the cv joint replaced, the cv joint was replaced with a brand new part that i provided which solved the abs problem i previously had however i now have a new issue which is, swerving violently after 40 mph and now strange noises and rumbles when accelerating, i believe they have damaged/bent my drive shaft whilst attempting to remove the cv which they charged me extra for the time/labour and sweat it taken to burn it off 2days apparently? what i need to know is would it be there resposibility to replace the driveshaft if they have damaged it through the removal or mine, as they did say if it needed replacing it would cost me an extra £135 for the whole unit:(
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