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  1. You didn't block them and are now trying to save face by roping in a mod. Much like your covid stance you need to take some personal responsibility and stop blaming others.
  2. I agree but how do you expect people to view both sides when you don't provide any evidence for people to make an informed decision? It's like going to court and presenting no evidence and then expecting the Jury to just believe you.
  3. It's pointless asking. He will just cry like the others: 'theres no point because you won't blindly agree with me'
  4. You are welcome to prove me wrong
  5. And it won't make any difference to anything
  6. Or probably that they have had up to 3 previously and not boosted. Regardless it doesn't stop them living their lives
  7. There is a 4th jab and they are being offered it. Nothing to suggest it's compulsory or being coerced into getting it.
  8. Post 25 nov 21 by Dr. Tops Its also amazing that despite a highvaccine uptake (or so were told) always these collapsingfootballers seem not to have had it, some amazing coincidences in all this, anyone would think it wasn't true 🤣
  9. It's pure speculation when you have no idea as to the cause and making unfounded links to the vaccine.. Honestly you need a hobby. I know Wednesday are s*** but get off the internet and go outside. It's safe, the Illuminati arent out to get you.
  10. Daily Mail isn't fact checking. Jog on. As long as you continue to speculate on incidents at football grounds, dismiss awkward questions as 'shadowy organisations influencing' then I'll continue to use sources that I deem accurate. You are more than welcome to counter anything I've said with evidence
  11. Oh look, Pfizer says that vaccinated people can still spread the virus https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9018547/amp/Pfizer-CEO-not-certain-covid-shot-prevents-transmission.html And another link adding context to Bidens claim https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/biden-if-vaccinated-wont-get-covid/
  12. Link to the Pfizer CEO claiming that vaccine stops transmission please? Interesting that you dismiss Boris and the Chief Officers so quickly yet happy to hang on the word of Biden. Is Biden not controlled by the powers that be?
  13. So 3 people who aren't medical or scientific are more important that the Vaccine developers or our own chief medical and scientific officer's who haven't said that it prevents transmission? No one has been injected with experimental pharma junk and it's just you making things up. Ah great disclaimer 'I didn't say that thing but if I did say that thing, then I was joking'
  14. Please stop snipping my posts to suit your needs.
  15. Yes all myths. Now you are getting it. Curve flattening was designed not to overwhelm the NHS. No such thing as Convid. Covid-19 on the other did overwhelm the NHS and there was a documentary on channel 4 about it plus YouTube videos. Social distancing and masks were effective. Vaccines will given because of evolving situations. Long covid is a real thing as I still have staff off because of it. Given that there's specific clinics for it too. No evidence of being played
  16. All myths. Speaking of lies Care to explain why everyone who's had the vaccine haven't died from it? Dr. Tops said we all have months before the vaccine killed us.
  17. I won't live with lies, or own others lies and I won't move on. Your refusal to evidence your assertions is childish. The good thing is that the more you continue to say things without evidence, the more laughable you become. Keep lying to yourself
  18. People have collapsed at Rotherham United / Hillsborough and I guarantee they don't have 5G.
  19. Ok so we've now entered the part where you don't debate and just start repeating your position. When you are ready to discuss like an adult feel free to get back to me. However I will continue to highlight your nonsense
  20. We weren't played and I won't move on when you are making baseless damaging statements and passing them off as fact 30 days to flatten the curve was not the government saying 30 days to eradicate covid. You are deliberately misinterpreting statements to suit your narrative.. Would you like to explain why we are being played for the vaccine?
  21. Please show me where you have backed this up. Youve said 30 days to flatten the curve That's it. I won't do your debate for you. I'd advise if you want to be taken seriously, you may want to 'show your workings out'
  22. You've given a statement. Why are you so reluctant to provide linksz articles, studies to show I'm wrong?
  23. So no evidence then? You are just giving a quote and expect me to prove your point for you? Evidence please
  24. Your assertion that it's all a con and we've all been fooled. Off you pop Try and do it without the words There's No Point Because Of Mainstream media
  25. Please provide evidence for your assertion
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