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  1. So why is everyone in the media and government describing the child as British? I thought that the child was born before the mother's citizenship was revoked? Meaning that the child would assume British citizenship. Also a child born to a parent that is British automatically assumes their nationality even before applying for a passport. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_nationality_law#British_citizenship_by_descent
  2. I don't recollect that she did. I think it was always her intention to return to the UK with the child
  3. I really can't see the benefit in that tbh. As above the fact that her child was British was her avenue to getting back into the UK. Now that the child is no longer a factor, her case for being allowed back into the UK is severely weakened.
  4. She may have been capable but certainly not responsible. Though her child was basically her ticket back into the UK.
  5. Extremism is to blame. There would still be problems in the world with or without religion. That includes wars because people still crave power and are selfish even in the absence of religion.
  6. The sooner we eradicate all and any form of extremism the better. There we go, fixed it for you.
  7. Perhaps I1234...would like to get his jollies by going to JC+ and saying "I told you so" to everyone looking for work? Remainers could even put it on the side of a bus
  8. Assuming he did indeed vote brexit. Sorry but remain voters have all moaned about job losses and then delight when someone will lose their job. Even without knowing if they did indeed vote for brexit I would never take pleasure in someone losing their job.
  9. Yeah,how dare someone not think the same as you. He deserves to lose his job for that.
  10. Adding your own slant doesn't change my original post. Counter it with an original comment or don't bother
  11. Chances are his successor won't fall into a minority category, so won't be as popular
  12. It's not really rubbish though is it? It's just common sense. Why would the EU want to help the UK prosper by offering a good trade deal via leaving? It would only encourage others to do the same.
  13. We are being made an example of. If we agree a deal, it will be a terrible one put together with the sole intention of putting off other countries from even thinking of leaving.
  14. I agree with remain and brexit is a bad idea that should never have happened. I hope this satisfied the person that keeps deleting .y posts
  15. She will be allowed to return. Assuming she has baby before her return, the baby will be British. The UK will be obligated to return the child with mother. I would imagine mother will be prosecuted and baby handed to social services with responsibility possibly given to grandparents. She's British and it's against international law to render someone stateless. Though it's interesting to read that the UK aren't prepared to get her out of Syria. So it's her job to try and get out.
  16. It's normally "Like" or the most annoying word that is commonly repeatedly "Innit".
  17. You can treat people differently because they were born in another country....it's called Immigration Control. He may be here legally but that doesn't automatically mean he is treated like British Citizens. Assuming he has a valid visa, this would be temporary and would be required to keep his nose clean in order to apply for another visa. The Home Office could refuse him a visa based on his conduct in the UK (criminality). Also, I believe that migrants whom are sentenced to at least a 12 month sentence are automatically considered for deportation. Even if this person became a British Citizen, the Home Office still has the power to revoke a British Passport in cases of serious criminality. (Terrorism being the latest example).
  18. People are very quick to forget the London Riots in 2010. Whilst it may be argued that it wasn't politically motivated, it shows that brits do riot and not just in London
  19. I know right? It's like brexiteers don't want to be insulted with names like Arses, idiots, racistsz xenophobes, morons etc, etc. Go figure?
  20. He probably thinks she's "morally bankrupt"
  21. You need another catchphrase. Accusing everyone as morally bankrupt whenever they have a differing opinion only lessens the statement.
  22. That didn't happen did it? I've seen that same sketch played out in a sitcom
  23. That's because people can claim Asylum at any point in their immigration journey. So it's possible for someone to have entered legally with the correct visa and decides to claim Asylum. Those that do try and evade border force and end up claiming Asylum when stood in front of border force are notified of their illegal entry into the country
  24. Nothing to worry about. The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one..
  25. Cue a local SJW quoting the case of Jean Charles De Menezes
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