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  1. Surely the cost of having specifically built naval vessels for patrolling shores (because we wouldn't want to take anything away from our defenses) would be just as expensive? (Production, Maintenance etc) And how would that distinguish between the "Scroungers" and the genuine asylum seekers. Shockingly, people do genuinely want to seek asylum to better themselves. Example : http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/aug/21/malala-yousafzai-gcse-education-a-grades
  2. So you are suggesting that we should only take Asylum Seekers from those countries that are near to us? I don't know the figures but I don't think we have many French nationals seeking asylum. A) How do you propose to fund having boats intercept every vessel that leaves each country from the Middle East, Africa, Asia etc and beyond? Don't forget we are not only taking asylum seekers from one specific country? B) They shouldn't be automatically turned back...it is possible that there are genuine Asylum Seekers....and what if children are on board? C) It's not really "End Of" as your plans will never happen....thankfully.
  3. Great! Which countries do you know of that can send Asylum Seekers back to their country of origin without documentation? I'm sure the Home Office would like to know if it makes Asylum applications easier to process
  4. It's never as simple as processing them, refusing the claim and then sending them back on the next available flight. Processing Asylum claims is not something that can be done in a day or 2. If you have someone fearing persecution from their countries government or terrorist group etc, these claims require lengthy investigation. So whilst this is happening it is the duty of Immigration to house Asylum Seekers. If said Asylum claim is refused, then the likelihood is that said asylum seeker absconds. Even if Immigration were in a position of refusing an asylum claim and the asylum seeker remains in contact, what the public don't tend to realise is that these people do not have any travel documentation. So the government have to apply to the respective foreign governments to issue a travel document. Obviously, this is a lengthy process because countries aren't going to issue documents so willingly without proof that said asylum seeker is actually a national of where they claim to have come from. So our government has to prove they are a national of x. So how do you do that with a person that has no I.D, cannot speak English to an acceptable standard and/or is non-compliant?
  5. The Winter Gardens is a possible option? A lot of wedding photographers use that place on the day if the weather is bad.
  6. Trust me Dyke, these threads pop up almost every week and with all due respect you won't change anyone's views on religion. I suggest you'd be better spending your time going outside and enjoying the sunshine as opposed to arguing behind a laptop. This thread will last a month without no real outcome or purpose.
  7. can you prove otherwise ? have some respect I'll say it before anyone else does : 1. Special Pleading 2. Burden of Proof on Believers Those are the go-to excuses that mean they don't answer questions...
  8. If you are happy to engage in any faith, then why didn't you start a thread disputing why Allah hasn't cured Ebola? You only make threads centered around the Christian God and seek to ridicule anyone that believes in him. The problem is I've read some of the responses from athiests on this thread (and others) and seriously taken them into consideration (again despite no real evidence - I discount internet links). However, I very much doubt you can say the same at your end.
  9. You are yet again taking this to a new level of low , I am totally disgusted by your lack of respect towards people of faith Oh no, please don't say lack of respect towards people of faith. That would imply that they react the same to people of all religions. Let's be clear, they only aim these responses to people of the Christian God. I'm certain that their 'Imaginary Friend' responses would not be aimed at anyone whom believes in Allah. But her God is imaginary and exists in her own mind, and as yet she has failed to prove in its/his existence or whether he cured someone of Ebola. Remind me again whom started this thread about Ebola? I'm pretty sure that Teeny didn't start the thread claiming that God had done this. Furthermore, she hasn't tried to convert people on this thread, merely defended her position from immature questions. Honestly, do people think that : 1. Teeny is going to prove that God exists when (no disrespect to Teeny) no-one has done so yet. Begging the question of the purpose of the thread/debate. 2. Questioning whether God is a he/she/it is going to make any difference to the foundation of Christianity or Teeny's beliefs. As mentioned, this thread is one of countless others designed as a way to poke fun at people's beliefs whilst hiding behind a vain attempt to promote intellectual debate. You can go through this entire thread and not find one serious response where Teeny has answered a question and it has been taken on board.
  10. Agreed, That was supposed to be the purpose of the thread. But as with all the 'religion' threads (and I use the term religion loosely because every thread focuses solely on the Judea-Christian faith) it descends into point-scoring and nit-picking of selected biblical texts.
  11. And you think you are going to change that...?
  12. I've followed this thread for a while now and I find myself asking the same question when it comes to these 'religion' threads. Why do you all persist with such discussions? No-one on this thread whom questions the Christian God seriously approaches the issue with an open-mind. And I include Teeney in that too. Afterall, one could argue that she is as closed minded as the people throwing questions at her. We each stick to our guns and then strangely enough the topic descends into point-scoring rather than actually thinking that we may not all have the answers and it is entirely possible for something (be it God, Aliens, Ghosts etc) that we cannot see/hear/touch etc. So ask yourself this : If you truly believe that God does / doesn't exist...then why are you debating it on a forum? Neither side is likely to change their position, so essentially you are just trying to make each other seem foolish....but to who? Some nobodies stuck behind a computer? For each persons side, if you have a genuine interest in the 'Does God Exist or not', go outside, speak to a Vicar, Theologian, Learned Atheist etc. For it could be argued that internet links/articles can be easily manipulated (Wikipedia) as much as some would say the Bible is.
  13. Hi, I'm looking to get some advice from our Sheffield Wedding Photographers. I will be photographing a wedding at the Sheffield Registry Office shortly. I've done a bit of a scout of the area and the most obvious place for group shots is the Peace Gardens. How do photographers deal with the general public in this regard? The wedding will be on a Saturday afternoon, so it is expected that the gardens will be pretty full. I'm thinking of having the group shots in front of the water fountains. However, I will need to somehow stop the general public from wandering into the shot....if only for 10-15mins etc. I've got 45 mins for the group shots in total. Has any photographers had difficulty shooting in the peace gardens? If so, how did you deal with it? Advice appreciated.
  14. I wish people would get over the fact that tories are in. We've another 5 years and it's not going to change any sooner. Get used to it!
  15. It works differently to how you have suggested but : Point 1 - Yes that is already in place and why the government demands English Language Tests as a requirement for visas. Point 2 - Yes, this is in place Point 3 - This is the rule, however people aren't always willing to leave the UK once here. Hence the need for Immigration Enforcement.
  16. You do realise that we already have a points-based system (based upon Australia) that is specifically for Non-EU migrants. EU migrants obviously have free movement.
  17. It's a creative way of getting families involved in church. i.e activities that help mum/dad get involved in church along with their children. It is not a separate movement or a new form of Christianity. It is most likely members from your local existing church trying to become more involved with the community.
  18. I've only printed 4 photos since taking up photography as a hobby and these are the ones that I've liked so much that I have had them framed and put on the wall. Everything else is stored on the hard-drive or facebook.
  19. I never said "Attack". But I'm querying what the ultimate aim of this thread is. Do you intend to disprove the existence of God with the questions posed to Teeney? Are you trying to get her to come to your way of thinking? Reading the questions that are being asked, they read as though you are trying to poke holes in her statements as opposed to a genuine interest being approached with an open mind. Civilized discussion possibly but I don't see what the aim of the thread is..and the barrage of questions. Afterall, it is firmly established that there are several Atheists and a Christian, so do you expect for either one to change their viewpoint....personally I don't think so.
  20. 37 pages and we've come to that conclusion. I could've determined that on page 1. Remind me again what the aim of this thread is? As far as I can see we have a single Christian defending her faith against 4 maybe 5 non-believers and the aim is to somehow prove that God does or doesn't exist? Be sure to let Richard Dawkins know the conclusion to this thread because I think he'd like to know how it turns out.
  21. No, you are wrong. I'm not violent in any way. I've never raised my hand to anyone in my life and have no intention to despite the fact I'm a Christian. Yes, I'm sure there are extremist Christian's out there but I consider myself a Christian and I'm in no way violent
  22. The African's here? Nothing like racial stereotyping is there? My powerful God will do something thanks. Pick up the bible and you'll find out.
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