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  1. Did you have to treat dying people in the construction industry? Tell people that there's nothing more you can do for them? Work through a pandemic 20 years ago with an unknown virus where there is no instant cure? Maybe you might not have filmed yourself dancing at the end of the day but I bet you went to the pub for a drink...maybe ended up in a nightclub which helped you cope with the day's events and blow off steam? Well it's the equivalent of NHS blowing off steam whilst we were in lockdown. I can't believe youve even attempted to make a comparison. I'm honestly embarrassed for you.
  2. I am home... Do lots of people deal with death in their daily role, work ridiculously long hours? I know I don't. You clearly dislike the NHS and I hope you get private medical treatment because I'd hate for any of our NHS staff to have to treat you.. miserable sod Upon that which we can agree. I'm glad there's more people that value our NHS..
  3. How about beneficial for Nurses and Doctors mental health given that they deal with harrowing situations everyday and work ridiculous hours? It's not damaged their reputation. I think the general public are very much in favour the hard-working NHS staff and a little bit of fun demonstrates solidarity. I think you need to ask NHS staff to remove that chip off your shoulder.
  4. Do you think the mental health of NHS workers matters?
  5. Now what happens is that Dr Tops makes an outlandish, made up story, he then gets called out on it, doesn't reply until the following evening where he expects the discussion to have moved so far on that nobody keeps asking about it. Rinse and repeat
  6. You've asked that question before and I've answered. What study, which schools, which source?
  7. Sorry but it's been established that the Daily Mail is mainstream media and doesn't report the full facts so we can disregard this article.
  8. And......? I do not appear to be wrong in my assumption
  9. I never said you weren't a Brit Cit but as you are posting on Sheffield forum it's reasonable to assume you live in England. So you aren't being prevented from doing anything and seems more like a case that you just don't like being advised what to do by the government
  10. So looking at England, it looks like the government arent stopping you from doing anything and are asking you to take precautions when you do certain things. With the exception of working from home, where you can.
  11. What's the government stopping you from doing?
  12. And that's exactly what's happening
  13. Face masks don't go anywhere near my crotch so it's an stupid comparison
  14. Crocodile tears I felt. At one point I'm convinced he was smiling and laughing
  15. Ok on that basis, Mels links and articles speak for themselves. Wouldn't want you having a double standard or anything
  16. All sound logic. Can you provide us with evidence of cause of death, hospital admission reason for your alleged football fans narrative please?
  17. Come on Mel. You know better than that. It's the BBC, so it doesn't count.
  18. Why Do you think I'm the mouth piece for everyone?
  19. They have the choice. Afterall, some posters clearly advocate refusing to wear them and citing that they are uncomfortable with mask wearing as a means not to wear one. So yes it remains everyone's choice.
  20. Please don't tell me what I've posted in a poor attempt to mask your inability to understand. You are more than welcome to click that ignore button. However I will choose to respond to posts as I see fit.
  21. Blame of what? I'm highlighting the equal viewpoints and that we both share our views. If you can't see that then you are a lost cause
  22. I'm obviously highlighting that 'dogpiling' isn't a pro jab thing when we have multiple posters all sharing your viewpoint and post very regularly. Put the victim card down.
  23. Chekov Daddy Prof Tops Bricky
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