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  1. And this is where we move from conspiracy theories to doomsday prophecies. Oh the old great big reset. FYI, I'm now back in the office full time and my life has returned to as it was 2019. I go to work, find shops open and fully staffed on my lunch break, even pubs when I have a drink after work, get stuck in morning traffic, able to talk to people over the phone etc etc Ironically you are moaning about lockdown and yet you need to get out more.
  2. And this post alone shows that your previous post is not about covid or conspiracy theory but just another avenue for you to hate on anything Tory. You don't like the Tories, everyone knows that by now. Stop derailing threads with your anti Tory slant. Find something else to be constantly angry about.
  3. I do know why. I pay for a service every 12 months because I've spent over a grand on a new boiler, so I want to make sure it is working when I need it to. That and to keep it in warranty so that if/when something does go wrong, I can get help from the manufacturer and my reliable plumber. Oh yeah and of course I don't want it to leak, explode causing further damage to my house or my life. Please take notice that despite me not going and getting stats to try and prove my position is a reasonable one all I need to highlight is that no one else on this thread agrees with you. That should say all it needs to. If you do feel as though we are in such a nanny state though feel free to stop wearing a seatbelt and go speeding down the M1
  4. Who said I was an expert? I'm not a gas boiler engineer. But of course it's for safety. It's the same reason I have my car serviced, to make sure there's no faults that I can't see as I'm not a mechanic. Also, a mandatory service is required to maintain warranty. Of course it's entirely optional but if it breaks down and you e never had a service, don't expect any help from the manufacturer. Do your own research. I'm not trying to prove a point for you. You really need to get a grip on reality
  5. Please don't take anything he posts seriously, he's clearly just out to wind people up.
  6. And denying someone blood that could save their life. By all means disagree with it but not to the point of denying blood donation
  7. I'm really glad you aren't in charge of anything important because it seems you'll take a sythe to the population.
  8. It saved lives no matter how much you want it to be untrue. So I'll take comfort in knowing that people are alive despite some years of having to get by on the basics. The economy will recover. Death won't
  9. The army does keep going. It doesn't mean anything. Moving goods, training exercises, road testing etc etc
  10. Simple resolution....add a column with N/A as an option. Some of the questions regarding being out of the country for 6 months, injecting yourself with needles would suit an N/A option. A big fuss over nothing when lives are at stake
  11. Honestly, your life must be great where all you have to worry about is bloody train windows
  12. People can think for themselves..it's just that you don't it when people do and it's something you disagree with
  13. Might I suggest stop creating threads as a means of moaning about insignificant things! https://youtu.be/yQ6j-hZtfNE
  14. I'm not sure why we should be extraditing Asange to the US when they refuse to extradite their diplomat that ran over one of our citizens.
  15. Well it wasn't meant to be taken literally but as you well know it's a common phrase for things that are a surety and I was indeed proven right. However if I did intend to visit a bookies and put a bet on it, they wouldn't take the bet as it would be a guaranteed payout.
  16. And there's your effects of the vaccine. As I say you're welcome son
  17. I'm just going to leave this here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61806383 #mortgagefree
  18. How was your holiday btw? I hope you had a good time. If you can let us all know as I'll be happy knowing you had a good time all because of us suppressionists that had the vaccine which enabled you to go on your jollies. You're welcome
  19. It doesn't set a precedent because challenges can still be brought at the last minute still. The challenges might not be based upon the legality of flights to Rwanda but based upon other issues specific to the person being put on a flight (any flight). So we may still end up seeing flights with only a handful of people on board still even before July. The government may try to spin it is a victory but it is still embarrassing going from tripe figures to single
  20. I'm not back pedalling. But if we are being completely literal with everything, then it's because it's 6.30 and all the bookies are shut.
  21. Let's see what the papers say on Wednesday. Given that there have already been protests outside an immigration centre near Gatwick yesterday, this decision will likely spur more protests and greater action.
  22. It's already happened. Get over it!!
  23. Chances are it won't take off now. But if the plans are still going ahead for those 11 I would still bet my mortgage on protesters making sure that flight doesn't go ahead
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