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  1. Well if what you are saying does turn out to be true then it will be a significant number of the country but I'm not worried
  2. Nope, I don't tend to feel guilty for things outside my control.
  3. Thankfully it's not a problem. Those that have taken the vaccine shouldn't feeling guilty no matter your opinion and it doesn't affect your life whatsoever when you don't have people not coming to you for forgiveness.
  4. Thankfully you have no medial basis for that pure assertion. Though I'd say that if I was ill I don't think that NHS Blood Donation would be so willing to take my blood from me.
  5. Nope I'm pretty cool with all of that. Thankfully I don't need NHS treatment because......wait for it............the vaccine. You're welcome
  6. Is this the new slogan to try and make people feel guilty?
  7. I don't think people need to worry. No one is going to be seeking you out looking for forgiveness. You aren't Jesus.
  8. I don't know. Why would you care about the attractiveness of women that wear masks to label them as potentially 'pig ugly'?
  9. Maybe Chekov could work his magic and do away with Sheep Suppronists Pig ugly Idiots Etc Bless you Chekov for all your good works.
  10. No because people can make their own minds up. Compare my thoughts to those that are happy to let the 10% die off so they don't have to wear a mask.
  11. Nope not at all. Please don't assume how I'm feeling. Worry about yourself
  12. Hope doesn't factor into anything. That's just you
  13. I wouldn't worry. All those that have had their booster were supposed to have died off by now.
  14. For rational thinking adults it's their duty to weigh up their own circumstances and determine the risk and wear a mask if they so choose. Let's hope surgeons aren't "pig ugly" either
  15. I'm sorry I was wrong, you absolute Saint.
  16. Or green, red, purple...we know he likes colours
  17. Can you remind us all how nasty these Suppronists are being and how personal they get please?
  18. Scroll past your examples of the 'Copy and Paste' function
  19. Better get used to it because its never going to be Jeremy H Christ
  20. It's just Mods doing their job. If you don't like the forum rules feel free to find another
  21. What difference does it make whether it's someone personal? You are labelling all/any children that want to wear a mask. And by labelling you are judging. Which leads me to ask....who the hell are you? Just because you cannot imagine it, does not mean that there are parents/children out there that want to wear a mask.
  22. Then I suggest you stop it! Be an adult and accept that people are doing what they believe is right for their own safety and that of their children.
  23. And you think labelling children (or indeed any person) as abnormal is acceptable?
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