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  1. No mate I don't. They are the bookies favorites based on the final table and the fact they are the biggest club in the playoffs. I really like the chances of Stevenage - I took 7/1 on them before Saturday's games and I'd 100% sooner be on them at that price (4/1 now) than on the Blades at 7/4! I always feel for the 3rd placed team if they don't win the playoffs, especially with 90 points and good luck to them if they can do it, but I, like many Blades fans, just can't really see it.
  2. I was resigned to Utd just pipping us for promotion 2 weeks back, but I honestly thought we'd have a favorites chance in the playoffs given the form we'd take into them. Unfortunately as we know that's not the case for the Blades. As I've said in other posts I'd like to see them do it after a terrific season for us both, but I think the bookies have gone mad making them 7/4 favorites on current form and given the magnitude of losing Evans and now Beattie.
  3. Aye, well done Charlton. 100 plus points is a hell of an achievement in any league. What are you expecting next season? What would success be for Charlton? Mid table consolidation or will you be expecting a Norwich / Southampton esque push for promotion / playoffs? Just curious as expectation is high already in S6 (as always, but even moreso with Milan at the helm)!!!
  4. I'd like to see them promoted. This season has been great and whilst games against Leeds, Barnsley are great, there's nothing like a Sheffield derby for a Sheffield football fan. My first ever derby was Boxing Day with my dad and the ups and downs are pre and post match banter are what watching football is all about! I don't think they will do it personally - maybe the loss of Evans and losing 2nd spot will be too much to overturn psychologically, but good luck to them if they do - with 90 points you can't say it wouldn't be deserved.
  5. Good shout Hipster. I'd add All Siam (Thai) Silversmiths, Milestone, Wig & Pen and also Relish.
  6. It's certainly much less likely than that to be fair. I think the bookies have the Wednesday odds about right i.e. 5 to 1 on. IF United were to win that gives them a 1 in 6 chance that Wednesday won't. Certainly not a lost cause by any stretch. 5 to 1 on shots get turned over EVERY weekend. Don't get me wrong - in all likeliehood we'll beat Wycombe, but it ain't half going to get twitchy if we haven't scored by half time and Utd are winning! As for pressure, I think the United team will be feeling it too - their (and the Utd fans) worst case scenario has to be not winning and Wycombe holding Wednesday to a draw. Whatever happens, it has been a great season for both. More of the same in the Championship next year would be great - with the same scenario at the end of the season
  7. I hear the Noah's Ark at Intake does a good pint of Magnet - don't drink it myself mind so only what I've heard.
  8. Promotion odds on WHill Owls 1/10 Blades 5/4 Huddersfield 5/2 MKD 5/2 Stevenage 7/1 Notts Cty 16/1 Anyone else think Stevenage are too big at 7/1? Still have to beat Bury last game, but if they do 7/1 will look huge.
  9. Hi Amzy - I'd certainly be interested in your thoughts. Only been once and I'm afraid it was awful. There are plenty of good reviews on SF so maybe it was just an off night - but it was bad......but cheap ;-) Please post your thoughts after your visit as we should maybe give it another chance.... Cheers!
  10. Ah - I thought it depended on the away team agreeing to it due to share of gate receipts. Didn't realise it depended on the round though - we've not been this far for a while Still £15 would get a few more thousand in....
  11. Personal faves..... Place at Broomhill for a cheap pint York at Broomhill for good food with nice beer selection Dev Cat / Sheff Tap to be spoilt for choice Kelham Island Tav for one of the best pubs in UK (official ) Also like Old House as an all rounder and Milestone for Sunday brunch / reading the papers and Riverside to sit next to river on a sunny afternoon!
  12. Agree that it'd be great to get 25k in Hillsborough with tickets at £10 - £15 each. Support the lads into round 5. Nothing worse than a 15k gate with 2k vociferous away fans. Let's take the cup for what it is - a good bonus this season - so slash the prices and give us the best chance of a lucrative cup run past round 4 ......
  13. Try the Common Room on Superbowl night. I think there's a few friends from over the pond planning to be there to watch the game...
  14. You certainly have the wrong place! This is a big improvement on Spice Market Cafe (which was such a disappointment!) and certainly no 'identikit chain pub'. If you like the Thyme Cafe theme I think you'll like Relish. Only disappointment from my visit were the cocktails and fairly pricey wine. Other than that, great service, wide choice and great food. Can be busy on weekends so I'd say go midweek unless you are prepared to wait - or if you want to eat at 8 arrive at 7 and hope that the wait is approx 1 hour!
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