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  1. Yes that right, Anthony and my Dad both worked on their uncles coal round. I remember going as a young girl. Uncle Wilf had chickens running in and out of the kitchen!
  2. Hi, as I said earlier I am originally a Maw. The coal merchant on yew lane was my Grandad Frank Maw seniors brother. His name was Wilf. He lived with his sister, Florance. She had a son called Athony. He was eventually left the coal business. My Dad, Frank Maw junior worked for his uncle in his youth, till he bought his own round. The Maws in Penistone and Chapeltown, are brothers and sisters, and there father was Arthur, also a brother of Frank and Wilf.The others I believe were called : Emmerson, Ephraim, Alf, Herbert, Minnie and Annie. There was another rother called Ernest who died young. I do have a list of some of their offspring. Their Father was called Marmaduke. If anybody wants any more info email cathylomas@live.co.uk
  3. £12.50p trainee hairdresser Cole Brothers! 1975
  4. James lomas Olivier award winner, best actor in a musical Billy Elliot
  5. Winco bank £8,500 1978 - sold £13,000 1980 Chapeltown £19,000 1980 sold £62,000 1993 Chapeltown £78000 1993 - today £245,000? If only we cold have bought two ha ha
  6. I had my Hen party there in July 1978! great night
  7. My Dad and his brother and sisters were in Lane End Childrens home at Chapeltown in the mid to late thirtys for a few years. it was still a childrens home up to the early 70s as I remember. Other than what my dad has told me, there seems to be no information on the place. Would love to learn more. It sounded like a very strict place, with some cruel Victorian women running the place!
  8. Sue I have asked my Dad and he knows nobody of that name. He knows most of the history of his grandfather who was called Marmaduke and his 10 children. But he doesnt know if Marmaduke had any brothers or sisters. I will try and ask round as there is a lot of relatives who live around.
  9. Hi Sue, I am from the Maw family. My Dad is Frank maw, he is now 77, and was born in Ecclesfield. I will ask if he knows of a David Arthur Maw. I too am interested in our family tree
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