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  1. Yes, that's same number I have. I will try them once more tomorrow. ---------- Post added 30-03-2018 at 22:34 ---------- btw - where did you get your doors from?
  2. Hi there, I have contacted team doors a number of times but they haven't responded to my calls or text messages.
  3. Hi there, can anyone recommend a door fitter to supply/install internal FD30 35mm doors please?
  4. H alli.. thanks for all the replies! I'm not interested in ripping my neighbours off, I just want a fair price, what it's worth? I guess it depends on the area/house which is a two bed terrace in S7(freehold). If we can't agree on a price, I will just rebuild it as bricks and mortar is worth more than empty land and use it to store things.
  5. Hi all, some advice needed pls... My old outhouse which has now been knocked down and cleared up as it was structurally unsafe, is located in my neighbours garden. My neighbours are interested in buying the bit of land where the outhouse once stood and i'm happy to sell it to them. Has anyone had any expereince of selling their outhouse, and if so for how much and how do I find out how much the land is worth?
  6. Hi all, I require my gutters to be cleaned. Standard 2 bed terrace house in S7 area. Approx 7m in total (front and back). Can you pm me for price and availability please? Or can someone recommend anyone? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have an old cast iron bedroom fireplace which I would like to have restored as it is a bit rusty in places. Is there any places in Sheffield that does that kind of work?
  8. Hi all, Some advise would be greatly appreciated! After last Monday's 12hrs of rain, I came home from work and noticed a damp batch below the window I have recently taken off the old plaster back to the brick and had it re-plastered. I have been keeping a close eye the damp patch and as it hasn't rained heavily since last Monday, the damp patch is beginning to dry out. So, I'm thinking there could be problems with gaps between the brickworks on the outside? What type of trades person should I call check the brickwork and to seal up any gaps? Many thanks, Mus.
  9. Hi all, I need my bedrooms/hallway plastering...Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced plasterer? I live in the S7 area. Many thanks, Mustafa.
  10. Hi all, I've just bought my first house and in the process for doing it up! So, i'm thinking about converting the attic as the same time! It's an avg two bed terrace in S7. Can someone recommend a decent company/builder that can do it? Btw - Planning permission is required (as stated in the solicitors paperwork when I bought the property due to the area its in, however most house on the same street has had an attic conversion done, so shouldnt be a problem). Many thanks, Mus.
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