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  1. You missed one thing Tony. They could 'LOWER' prices if they want to get things moving. (ducks, and puts on steel armour)
  2. And who will bail out nationwide? http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/sep/08/banks.mortgages You and me with our taxes. Quote 'job losses'. Not such a good thing afterall.
  3. I agree with you Vicky, but sellers have had it good for many years now. Everything changes. Buyers have been getting stuffed for years. The only good advice I could give is simply whatever you may think you'll lose by drammatically lowering your price now will be 50-70% more next year. There are predictions of 60,000 job losses every month for the coming years and banks simply have no longer got money to give away. These are conservative predictions.
  4. Don't be daft Tony 'Returning liquidity'.....:loopy: You haven't been paying attention.
  5. Was that to me? 'Renting is dead money'.....nice one. With falling house prices and rising interest rates on the horizon, and my savings firmly in a high interest account, I am very fortunate to be renting. Just think 25% falls by the end of 2008.....and that's just a conservative estimate from an estate agent.
  6. I have no idea what you mean, but even estate agents are calling for 25% drops before the end of 2008. http://www.estateagencynews.co.uk/goodman_articles/mgood0908.asp Not my words. Don't blame the messenger. It's not all bad news though, if you're house is worth less, you may get the council to lower your council tax band. Good for renters.
  7. I never called anyone dirty JimB. Your true feelings about rappers with medallions coming out?
  8. Thanks teacher, but PONDS forge gymn really is only 23.99 a month, I hope you enjoy it, and then come back and say how cheaper Sheffield is than london, and superior in terms of Gymn facilities.
  9. On the contrary nick2, I gave him details of a cheap, excellent gymn membership.....you can go too if you're bored. It really is excellent, I'm not winding you up (for a change)
  10. He took it out, for once. Get in line Tony, there are many going to follow his lead...you will too, but as it ain't accepted by the sheeple yet, I expect you follow on later.
  11. 'Oh JimB, chase me, chase me' A message from your mate. .....
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