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  1. I'm putting together a list of all pop/rock gigs in Sheffield, 5000+ entries so far. I have bought the Hale/Tompson book about the Esquire club, but sadly there are no concert dates and I can't find them on the web. I can find who played there, but does anyone have actual show dates? http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/sma-gig-list/
  2. Would appreciate photos/scans for my site http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/tickets/
  3. I'm trying to find a contact for a retired photographer called Brian Turner, who lives/lived in Bradway - I gave him IT lessons in his home through a charity I worked for, but it was many years ago. Any information appreciated.
  4. I've picked up a Hammond that has a few issues. Is there anyone in Sheffield who might be able to advise? There's a shop in Chesterfield, but I'm reluctant to haul it out there in case it can't be fixed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBGC5faTEKw
  5. I've added a search function to my listing of bands who played the City Hall - additions (and ticket scans) welcomed! http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/sheffield-city-hall/sheffield-city-hall-gigs/
  6. Anyone out there interested in an acoustic rock covers band, we're thinking about adding percussion, but probably not a full on kit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU1Y624NnSk...
  7. Bassist wanted to complete an experienced Sheffield-based rock covers band with our own rehearsal space by Bramall Lane. Age / gender unimportant. Set is ready to roll - ACDC, Thunder, QOTSA, Leppard, Audioslave, Free etc. Quick learners please, the aim is to gig (2/3 per month) and earn a bit of cash rather than rehearse for months ;(
  8. I have a database of bands playing the city hall on this site, contributions welcomed! http://sheffieldmusicarchive.co.uk/
  9. Looking for secure, accessible, clean practice space in Sheffield? We have a new space available to rent on a monthly basis in Stag Works, offering a full evening a week rather than the standard 3 hour session most place offer.. Amps,c abs, PA, drumkit in place. Photo shows "in progress", will be finished in a week or so. Questions welcomed & viewings can be arranged.
  10. As a former professional guitarist with rock, acoustic and indie bands, I’ve been playing for over 40 years. I’ve been teaching guitar for much of that time, including adult education classes and private one to one guitar lessons classes. Students have been of all ages. I’ve worked in education for most of my life and have a Post-graduate Certificate in Education, which allows me to provide structured learning at a level suited to the individual student. My classes are fun, but you get plenty of value for money! http://looping.me.uk/lessons/
  11. thanks No, it's 10.5" tape. The company might cover costs, but I don't trust the tape being posted anywhere...
  12. A record company would like to use a track from my old band Typhoon Saturday on a compilation of 80s Sheffield bands - I'm struggling to find someone who can help me digitise an old band demo which is on a 10.5" reel.... Any leads much appreciated.
  13. Coming soon to Bishops' House Mother of Vinegar is a collaborative spontaneous arrangement of sound featuring a core of three performers (Mark Hadman, Lyn Hodnet and Ashley Tuck) each with contrasting approaches to the practice of music. Mother of Vinegar is the loss of control on the margins of expectation. Mother of Vinegar is giddy heights built on a systematic foundation. Mother of Vinegar is the perverse succour of a corrupted teat. Mother of Vinegar is the yeast that ruins wine. featuring guest Nick Robinson guitar/loops Hear here: https://motherofvinegar.bandcamp.com/album/then-be-content-with-silence Emily J Electric will play a unique electronic music show electrified with live acoustic and electric wind instruments. Building on a solid classical education in flute playing, she is now a professional, experienced performer with infectious energy and an impressive track record of international club and festival appearances. Shows include Shambala festival, playing with the Exploration Music DJs at Parisian venues such as Glaz'art and Batofar, and her residency at the 'Elektrisch' nights in Berlin. Expect high-energy fun and surprises! Book here: http://nickrobinson.info/booking/
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