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  1. Couldnt he fall down one of those local quarries on the way home drunk jabbers ???? just a thought like
  2. You do realise that having multiple identities on here is a ban RICH ???? *gets anorak*:hihi:
  3. You seem to be well versed in the law Max so can you explain the ramifications of depoix post ????
  4. Could it have been one of those shaolin nuns that are on tour at the moment just up for a bit of practice ?? and halibut if you are gonna post anything either make sure it falls into one of the following categories.. factual, funny, or not at someone elses expense. back at yer fishboy
  5. Thank you 1to1 I only posted that because i caught some little 15 year olds setting fire to the wobbly animals in the local park, i managed to collar the gobby little gits and frog marched them (protesting they were gonna have ME arrested for assault) by the scruff of the neck to their parents, whom pointed out to me that kids will be kids.. I then told the parents to step outside and adults will be adults.. obviously they refused (im rather a handfull).. i then said that i was going to call the police as i had made a citizens arrest for criminal damage and arson, the parents then offered me £20 ?????? I told them that if a donation was not made to the local community play scheme via the council i was calling the police.. net result.. £60 paid to sheffield city council by voluntary donation and the little scrotes probably got a proper slapping... I have not seen any damage to the play area in the last two weeks... if you want owt doing ????
  6. How do we search for mods ??? Lambrettas, parkas with targets on the back, ska badges ???? :hihi: well what more did you expect from h da fella ??:hihi:
  7. Get parkies back and issue them with stun guns, mace and shotguns !!! if i ever caught scum doing this i would rip a branch off the nearest tree and beat them within an inch of their sorry lives with it... Its about time that "WE" policed our kids playing areas and dished out some real justice... sorry folks thread closed/deleted..:rant:
  8. so you gonna grass me up for sorting my mates laptop out whilst he fixed my car then heresey.
  9. Its the bogey men alex... they are watching us all
  10. Dont forget yer jabs and get yer visa stamped, oh and use the dinsinfected foot wash on the way out of leeds, dont want to bring any nasty diseases back to sheffield do you :hihi: An we all hate leeds an leeds an leeds :hihi: I would rather go to mansfield than leeds
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