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  1. Anyone know where I can get cheap 2ftx2ft slabs ? Need to pave a base for a 10x8 shed and need 20 of them. It doesn't matter if they're used/second hand just as long as they're flat. Thank you
  2. ummm..why has this thread been moved?..and where to?
  3. Hi, Thanks, yea that's more or less what I told him. All too easy to spend it while it's in his own account lol.
  4. A friend won a personal injury claim for an injury sustained at work, the contractors onsite accepted responsibility and settled out of court. He had to have three months off work as a result of the injury and received full pay. Now, my friend knows it was part of the settlement to have to repay the wages he received whilst off sick, but is just querying whether the amount has to be repaid as a lump sum or could be paid monthly, is there a legal requirement/precedent? It's no problem if he does have to pay a lump sum as obviously he has received the pay out to cover it, but just wanted to know the legal requirements as he thinks the money is better in his account gaining interest, than in his employers. Thanks
  5. hiya, thanks for replying The distance is probably 15ft from house, it could be hung or buried, whichever is cheapest but still safe. Thanks again
  6. Hi folks Wondered if anyone could give me a rough estimate on the price of supplying power to an 8 x 10 garden shed? Probably just two sockets and a light fitting. If it helps, we have an outside light that I've been told could be used to take the power from? Apologies if that last bit is utter baloney, lol...as you can tell, I know nothing about electricity supply really. If someone could give me an idea of how much I'd be looking at, and would be able to do it for me, I'd most likely want them to do it..so, thanks in advance Kate
  7. Hi there, Try ringing this number 0114 249 3330, it's the Cats Protection League, Sheffield Hallam and they should be able to help/advise. My heart goes out to the poor little mite and it's heartbreaking to watch them just fade away . Good luck and let me know how you get on.
  8. Pet Company on Abbeydale Road South (between Sweeney's and Roses) excellent pet store, open on Sundays, really competitive prices and exceptionally helpful staff.
  9. ohh..absolutely hilarious, and I suppose you laughed with him? makes me sick actually, specially after falling yesterday and breaking my leg above the ankle, but hey, long as it made someone smile..
  10. I walked down from the tram stop on Birley Lane yesterday afternoon and slipped my ankle gave way beneath me and my leg crumpled, I heard and felt a crack somewhere and managed somehow to get myself back up and hobble the rest of the way home. I still havent been able to get out and get to the hospital but have a suspicious looking swelling about 5 inches above my left ankle bone and it's absolute agony Just been icing and elevating for now till I can get to hospital but fearing the worst. Interestingly, I was obviously struggling to get myself back up and not one person stopped to help me.
  11. Grandad's Chimneys and Hendersons Relish My beloved Grandad passed away last year at the grand old age of 101. I'm 46 yrs of age and all my life Grandad told tales of how he worked at the Tinsley Towers. We always knew them as "Grandad's Chimneys". My own kids, now 18 and 21, in turn knew them as Grandads chimneys and my daughter who is at Uni in Preston said she always knew she was home when the chimneys came into view. Last night, my husband and I made the pilgramage to see the demise of a large part of my childhood. It was something akin to attending a funeral you really don't want to go to but feel you must out of respect. We waited for 2 hours, and at the first rumble, I covered my tear stained face and couldn't watch. On finally opening my eyes, I had to have a rueful smile at the sight of the remaining chunk of North tower still standing defiantly - My redoubtable Grandad putting two fingers up to the greedy corporate butchers Eon. R.I.P. Grandads Chimneys, gone but never forgotten, what next, Henderson's Relish?
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