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  1. For a reskim you will need to get rid if the wallpaper and chop the old plaster off. This will be a dirty job and will ruin your floor unless taken up. You can't skim to paper. Get out the bolster chisel.
  2. Is it a present for somebody?. You will ruin it unless it's it' a corsa.
  3. Get a portable aerial and try that. not expensive and might work.
  4. If you are "getting rid" of your old sofa just smash it up where it stands.
  5. feel better now?. South Yorkshire is covered in old mine shafts but not under every house. Do a bit of research on which "cowboy outfit" you are worried about.
  6. Grey pound ,grey tea, grey hair. still can't understand why they dug up a car park to build a car park. Give it 12 months.
  7. Episode 3, Ere Mr Wilks there's no ice on t'bar.
  8. He's a slimeball, not much to hate after that. He comes across as somebody who will do anything to further his "career".
  9. Sheffield is a City now. If you can't figure out how to get to Rotherham you need somebody with you.
  10. You don't know what you are talking about.
  11. A tenner on parts, no chance and somebody to fit them also no chance.
  12. You bought a corsa without the engine being fitted?. they saw you coming.
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