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  1. I thought the police were aware, but she wont be telling them. I think personally she is crazy but that wont stop her husband looking for the nasty man.
  2. Just heard the police have not been informed as they wont do anything. tut tut
  3. Yes the police are aware and he must be local as High Matlock Road is not a road you go on unless you live in the area. Not sure of the description
  4. I had my house plastered and rendered by Shaw Plastering Services Ltd. I am very satisfied with their work. I had several quotes from a few people on here. Fair enough they were not the cheapest (by about 3 people -who I think were quoting below the average price to get the job - and probably wouldn't have done a good job). I chose them because they seemed reliable and had answers and guarantees to all my initial questions. They always left the job tidy and I'm very happy with their work. I definitely will be using Paul and Lee again - once I've got enough saved for the attic plastering. You can get hold of them by phoning 07761097484 - ask for Paul or 07776300691 -Lee.
  5. yes I heard the helicopters on both nights. Can I just say I have a dog and my dog is out all day and does not bark, she is very good. She just lies in the sunshine in her basket, and gets walked 3 times a day. This dog that is barking is let out and it never stops barking its constant. The area is at the top of stannington near village stores.
  6. Do some dog owners not realise it is so annoying at 6.15 am to 10.30 pm to hear a dog houling and barking all day and night. This is in the stannington area. Has anyone else heard it?
  7. I need a dog walker in Stannington, just an hour a day if anyone can spare the time, little jack russell / whippet 13 years old and needing attention. Please help :-)
  8. Shaw Plastering Services Ltd, S6 based He has done plenty of work for me ( rendering, skimming ) and my friends and is excellent. Prompt, hard working and excellent work. Would always highly recommend. Call Paul Shaw 07761097484 for a free no obligation quote.
  9. Shaw Plastering Services Ltd, Local company Family run business for the last 35 years, will do traditional and modern plastering, rendering (spray on), friendly, punctual, great work, had a mirror shine finish on my walls when they did those, I will always highly recommend them. Contact Paul 07761097484 or Lee 07776300691 for a no obligation free quote. I must add cheapest is not always the best !
  10. Hi we are looking at hiring a marquees for a wedding in August for 50 people seated and 50 stood (as there will be lots of grounds to sit on outside) Does anyone know of good companies in Sheffield?
  11. Did we ever get the full story on this?
  12. Oh the forensics are there and nobody can leave their house, Poor lad hope he is ok ?
  13. Anybody any idea what has gone off at Wood Lane Stannington, it looks serious?
  14. Apparantly the Turnbull is to be a nursery now not a pub. They should just know the thing down its an eye sore. Regarding the Hare and Hounds they are building houses on there. Someone has bought the land!
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