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  1. I thought it was a serpent, although its been a while, but same property for both. Here
  2. His policy?? http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/19/photos-obama-immigration-detention-facilities/
  3. Thirty years old and still as relevant as ever, nothing really changes.. Expelling the Russians
  4. It was certainly more than that. He was already on the FBI radar and had already previously been interviewed by them. The fact that the FBI have made a rare apology for their failure to act, is telling.
  5. For the most concise and interesting breakdown of the main points of the charges, New York lawyer and media analyst Michael Lebron aka Lionel Nation:
  6. There has always been fake news since there has been news. "History would be a wonderful thing, if it were only true" as Tolstoy said. The difference today, thank God, is that rebuttals or contradictory evidence can be made public in a few seconds.....and long may it continue. I'm not a child, I don't need anyone telling me what I can or cannot read. I'm quite capable of doing my own research and making up my own mind.
  7. As I understand it, the Dems enforced the shutdown by trying to introduce the DACA issue into the proceedings, a month or so earlier than originally planned. It was done to try and back Trump into a corner and their capitulation shows it clearly didn't work. There are more important things afoot at the moment, none of which appears to be reported upon in the mainstream media. I believe that the doodoo is about to hit the fan in a major way with regard to the widespread corruption in high places.
  8. Its been on the table for donkeys years. Hilary voted in favour of it in 2006.
  9. Whatever we might think about Trump, it is interesting to see the Russia collusion propaganda now unravelling, some of it apparently paid for by the Clinton/ DNC. Add to the mix, the ongoing connection of kick backs paid to the Clintons by the Russians for her to sign off on selling control of 20% of America's uranium. Another bit of interesting reading is the Charles Ortel investigation into the illegal shenanigans of the so called 'Clinton Foundation' and its spin offs. If Trump intends draining the swamp, I'm afraid he has a way to go yet.
  10. The puppetmasters have always been able to make the unsavoury issues go away, providing the influential perps tow the line.
  11. The naivety of some people never ceases to amaze me.
  12. For, as always, the best analysis
  13. There was a time when, pre huge venue days, world famous artistes would be happy to play venues like the City Hall for a reasonable fee. I would cheerfully fork out for such a venue. I wouldn't be interested in seeing anyone in the cattle market, arena type venues if they were giving the tickets away.Each to their own, but as long as the mugs keep going to these venues, you can hardly blame the artistes for raking in a million quid for a nights work.
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