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  1. Try the University of Sheffield student's union.
  2. There is no such thing as sisterhood! Being a woman does not automatically mean you have an affinity with other women any more than you do with men. Younger women are hurt by men as much as older women are. It seems to me that this thread is an excuse for certain people to have a bit of a go at younger women because they have been hurt, which, if there was something called 'sisterhood' would be the antithesis to it.
  3. To be honest, although it may be what many consider immoral, it is not the 'other woman' who has any responsibilities to the hypothetical man's wife and children. It is entirely the man's responsibility and as such, he ought to be held responsible for whatever happens to his marriage. Also, I would think that if someone's husband 100% loves them, he would politely reject another woman's advances. If this isn't the case, it seems it is the relationship between husband and wife that is in question and nothing more.
  4. Probably not... But the whole idea of being jealous of porn is more of a problem than him indulging in harmless fantasy once in a blue moon.
  5. I don't really understand what the problem of the OP is.... She seems to claim a healthy sex life and her partner isn't doing anything millions of other people do every day. It's just fantasy. If it's the keeping it secret that's an issue, then perhaps talking to him about it would be the best way forward, even if he does get a bit embarrassed or cross. He's probably scared she will overreact and look into it too deeply (which it seems perhaps she has), when really it's something and nothing. As far as porn being male-oriented... well yes. They are the main consumers so it's targetted at them. Women are objectified and called all sorts of names etc, but these women are also paid for their work and faking their orgasms for the most part, so it's all swings and roundabouts.
  6. Constructive criticism surely depends on what the criticism is, how it was intended and the ulterior motives of the person who is giving it. If it's from a friend who knows you inside out and loves you, the chances are it is something you ought to at least give some serious consideration. If it's from someone you don't know very well, you are probably right to be a little hesitant to fully take it on board as they don't know you enough to offer comprehensive advice. Not to say it's worthless, but it might warrant a little scepticism...
  7. At the moment i'm dealing with an irrational fear of being socialising with people i don't know when i feel horrible. The fear that they won't understand that my being how i am when i feel like this isn't me but the depression stops me from doing things sometimes, and it's really debilitating and makes things worse, but the fear of doing them makes me not want to do them in the first place. Confusing? i think so!
  8. Obama, along with every other sane human being in the world. But it's not the sane human beings entitled to vote.... it's the americans.
  9. There is a lot that governments can do to address the economic crisis. It's a man-made phenomenon and as such, it is something that can be fixed if done collectively (this is the problem and why it is contentious). But yes... everyday people cannot do much other than curb their own spending. I do think respect is important and I can understand people's viewpoints on this incident, but I think that it really has been blown out of proportion and that Brand/Ross are being made an example of. As far as this translating into everyday lives, then I think it's up to individuals to decide what they do/don't watch and how they behave towards other people and the excuse that other people are behaving badly doesn't cut it.
  10. I'm glad this issue is drawing to a close as I think it's disgusting that this is the centre of attention whilst there is a looming depression over the horizon and Brown has time to comment on it. The fact that so many people are interested in this is quite telling as I do believe that if the economy was healthy and people weren't so on edge, this would've died a death much sooner.
  11. Religion is whatever you want it to be. Isn't that the beauty? One can interpret it anyway they like in modern society and it is all equally valid and all to be respected. In the past, it seems to have been essentially a way to control the proletariat masses and make them more productive and docile... apparently.
  12. I would say I feel pretty average height at about 5 ft 6/7...
  13. GHDs are just the oldest brand of hair straighteners, though they are good. You can get a lot of good ones - just don't scrimp on them too much.
  14. As a hairdresser I can tell most of the time if they're real or fake, so I'm not big on false hair. I'd imagine that markets sell them though.
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