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  1. First have never seemed to be get the 47 or 48 bus time tables reliable,when we had the 28 an 43 they were more reliable,from Herdings to Town,but the 47 an 48 to Shiregreen there are to many one lane roads on the way an back to an from Shiregreen but the First Bus Company do not seem to think about that,just look at the bottom of the Moor all the time theres always loads of people queing for the 47 or 48 to come,an sometimes 2 or 3 buses at the same time,but you complain an they still do not do anything about improving this service
  2. Just get your normal sim card cut down using from a mobile shop with the Cutters available an you save the trim an you then can still use your sim card all the time,i had mine cut down for my S3
  3. These are just con people just trying to get your card details,or access to your computer or laptop,i contact Toshiba when this happened to me an they got these people tracked down an arrested,so never give any card details when people call you on the phone as there are loads of Scums about just after your money
  4. Sheffield Town Centre Needs Changing,as you come on the Wicker an towards the Markets,an with Buses not Parking Correctly you can be Stuck on a Bus for ages an its Very Annoying indeed then you go Round to Tj Hughes an its the Same again with Buses not Parking Correctly you can be waiting ages again to get moving because the Roads are not Wide Enough,why can"t something be done to stop Buses Parking Incorrectly All the Time as the Drivers do not seem to think they are stopping the Flow of Traffic,there suppose to Partners now but still act like Two seperate companies,Something needs to be done get the Flow of Traffic in Sheffield Improved
  5. First did not like the Competition from Stagecoach an they couldn"t keep up with the Fare Prices,They used to be £18.50 a week on First an £11 on Stagecoach,they stopped alot of Stagecoach buses going on the same routes as theres,but Stagecoach are more Reliable,the 47/48 at Herdings to Shiregreen as been so Unreliable for Years but no changes have been made to improve it by First,but now Stagecoach at stepped in with the 79,why couldn"t the Sheffield Council get Rid of First as All they are bothered about is making Money not helping the Sheffield Public at All
  6. Instead of Improving the Service they have made Alot Worst,because people who have been used to catching the same Bus an Timetables now have to Keeping asking the Drivers were they are Going an now can"t reach were they want to get too on time,some Routes have been changed for No Reason,as some Bus take alot longer to reach there destination ,couldn"t they have left things as there were,but just changed the Tickets so you could catch any Bus available in Sheffield by just using One ticket Bought
  7. The Changes are not Good for Sheffield,as Stagecoach use to charge just £11 a Week for a Pass an now because of the Merger with First they are £17,alot routes have been changed an timetables changed,so people now have to keep asking the Drivers which way they are going,its Trust with the Timetables we want in South Yorkshire as alot Bus Drivers Still drive as they are not bothered about getting people on time,as they know theres nobody checking up on them,Why couldn"t we just get rid of First an let Stagecoach run the Bus Service
  8. We had the Bus changes in Sheffield on Sunday,an Alot of People who have been so use to getting to Places on time now having trouble because of the Changes,Ecclesfield used to have 2 First an 2 Stagecoach,the 75/76 or 83/88 but now the 76 goes to Meadowhall an 83 goes on another Route,so now i am having Trouble Getting to Work on Time an now Getting Home alot Later,an people wanting to get to Morrison will find it alot harder as the 75 stops along way from there,Why?couldn"t they have left the Bus Routes as the were an just made so you could purchase any ticket to use on either type of Buses,Really Upset with the Bus Changes they have made
  9. People next week will Stop buying The Star as its going up to 0.60p,if it was like we used to with a Late Edition then people would buy it,but The Star now is like a Early Morning Paper
  10. Buses in Sheffield are so Unreliable because the Bus Drivers take so Long sorting the people getting on the Buses,with 7 Day Savers or Not having Change for Notes,on the Supertram they have conductors an the Trams are more Reliable,if we had Bus Conductors back it would take the Pressure of Drivers an make the Buses somewhat more Reliable an the Conductor to Check peoples tickets out,Just hope we could get them an get a more Reliable Bus Services
  11. I couldn"t believe this offer from First,as i got on the 48 yesterday an asked the driver for a 7 day saver,an at first he said £18.50,an the said would i like a Promotion one for £11.50,an said i could use it on the 47/48 75/76 which are the Buses i catch to get to town an then to work,but First only started offering these because Stagecoach offer cheaper ones,but why?can"t the bus companys offer ones were you switch to any bus you want in Sheffield as different areas have different types running in there Areas,Hope now First keep these on offer all the time
  12. Go Onto Techradar.phones an it shows you All the Main News about Phones an othe Electrical Gadgets,an shows you the Iphone5 news
  13. Windows is not the right choice made by Mr Elop not Nokia,No micro sd card slot,no Bluetooth sending an recieving between phones an having Zune when connecting to pc or laptop,Symbian an Meego alot better,but Mr Elop used to work for Microsoft so they needed some big name company to help them an Nokia had just been employed by Nokia so he made Nokia chose Windows,but just look at the Sales an Shares at Nokia they are the lowest they have ever been,Windows made me switch to Android which is like using a Nokia Symbian phone an the Samsung Galaxy S2 alot better Value than any Lumias
  14. Danny an United Chairman didn"t seem there was any Danger of losing Ched,but the January transfer Window just should that other Clubs were more prepared for the outcome,an whats the use of signing someone thats not going to be able to Play,United had no Back-Up for Ched an this as really been there stumbling block
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