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  1. what a great thread, made me laugh. I collect what I called That will come in useful, or what my wife used to call rubbish. and I still like saving useful items (rubbish). fishing gear I am in my late 60s and I still have fishing bits from my sixth birthday plus so much more as well I could open a shop, thanks for the memories
  2. have to ask, why would it still be a bargain at double the price
  3. I do remember, I worked at heeley when I was an apprentice with the P.W.D. we were boarding up the houses until they were demolished, I was the lad, and I was sent down to bakery Wednesday and Friday for 6 breadcakes then at dinner I went to the old chip shop that would have been where heeley farm is now,old type frying range and cooked in dripping, then go back to annes road school boiler room, that was where we had our breaks and kept our tools. PS boy did we find loads of goodies in the old houses that people did not want, great days actually, think it was 1969/70 ?
  4. Just read post on Maggotdrowning.com. post was dated in 2014, shows how far behind new tactics I am. woodlands fishery at Thirsk has banned "pellet spinning". I have never heard of it any one explain it to me, cheers
  5. Cheers, Ghostrider, on a good day I can just about see Manor Top, to see a board outside RS bar, might have to upgrade my specsavers £25 range of glasses, only kidding they are from the £45 range. thanks for your help. its good to get a positive result, thank you all, have a good one.
  6. bluesbrother, cheers, more information in your post than anywhere else, simple and straight forward, just the TICKET. all the best
  7. Ghostrider, thanks for reply, think I will go to other venues, and there plenty, that care more about ticket buying punters. all the best
  8. does anyone know where to get tickets, when needed, to see acts at the RS Bar, was Royal Standard have phoned them No joy, tried web links No joy I know they don't sell them at the venue, but tried internet, guess what, No joy, any help. thank you.
  9. J Beere thought she was fab, let her slip away but when I look in mirror, I think she had a lucky escape. HA HA.
  10. good evening, stealthy, section of Rother at top of forge lane used to be run by killamarsh wmc. car park at top, park up climb over style and down to the river, long time ago, permit covered pond at back of pig farm at Norwwod and river section Forge lane, brings back some good memmories, had some great perch from that bit of river. all the best
  11. spot on, why should we not have that option, they do them for a day and a week, don't they. and they will sell at least two licenses, you and me.
  12. hi all is there any more up to date info about Abbeydale Hamlet pond being reopened for fishing, thank you.
  13. Cheers getting all hexy cited now, hope tackle shop does well and have a great Christmas, same to all on forum.
  14. ask moderators to help remove the post, you have already said sorry, can't see as there was any nastiness in your heart, when you placed the post, so why close your account, keep on posting.
  15. thanks for taking time to post, took the plunge and ordered a response m50. just wait and see now. Cheers
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