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  1. Yes it was, Allen was Blue, Mappin Red,Firth Yellow, and Osborne Green, I was there 1964 to 1968.....😁
  2. :D:D must be time for us to come back to Tassie for a visit
  3. Eyup, Downsunder, long time no speak, nice to see you are enjoying QLD, and still living in TAS. it's 12yrs now since we left TAS (Richmond) after our 3 yr sea change and the business we had in Salamanca Markets. still miss Tassie though, but kids and grandkids here in Perth. we are still in Mandurah (Madora Bay) and I have about 18months before I retire...or sooner! so looking forward to all that, thanks Hillsboro for the motivation :-) I have to find a hobby or summat! mind you paddleboarding and Kayaking is lovely to do. Are you still in Penguin, Downsunder?
  4. Yes I remember the cowboy....but not in Blackpool, in Bridlington at one of the amusement arcades. You had to stand about 15 foot away in front of him, and when his recorded voice said "draw" you fired your gun....if you "hit" him, he said.....uuurrgghh! You got me! " I must a had a bit o' dirt in my eye!.... Great memories,I was about 9 or 10 and about 1964.
  5. perhaps a liitle late with this post,looking at the replies so far, I used to go to what we knew as just "Broadway" in 1969-70.... it was in the corner, below a shoe shop, about 4-5 shops down from the Old Blue Bell. A great place to go, Motown stuff etc. great for dancing...., great memories....apart from some idiot trying to sell pills in the gents toilets!
  6. There was a Siddall family lived near us on Crookes, opposit the Kandy Kabin, in the late 50's early 60's, probably 4-5 kids, and I think I remember they emigrated to Canada? they lived next door to the Fiddler family on Crookes.
  7. Hello Ironmonger, so my memory serves me well, where abouts was the tree please?
  8. Hello again Amanda161, yes I was in the same class as Maxine,and then went to Tapton after Crookes Endowed, I can still remember David, and from memory the story going around was he unfortunately fell out of a tree, but I could never confirm that.
  9. Hi Amanda, i remember the delicatessen, I used to go to Crookes Endowed school, where I think your sister and brother also went, if my mind is correct? David Hopkinson unfortunately no longer with us from a young age, and your sister Maxine?
  10. Hello everyone, downsunder,(Tassie) skippy,(Shellharbour) and spunkee, we emigrated to perth in 1975, lived south of the river, then went to Tassie, (Richmond) hello downsunder again, and then back here, and now in Mandurah for the last 10yrs, still working and originally from crookes
  11. "what we avin fur tea"... "Three runs round 't table, an a kick at cellar duwer (door)
  12. Yes, I was there 64-68........ Miss Ash, Mr Phillips, Mr Grant, Mr ?????
  13. Hello again Lucylastic, yes that's right Judith, and I think you are right with the Copestakes family, I remember the lady of the household as Rita, and can't remember husbands name, Ithink 2 children, boy and a girl.
  14. to lucylastic, We lived at 137 Crookes, my dad was Alf Lunn, we moved out in 1966 when they were knocked down, all the names on here are so familiar to me, thank you to all,..... Kevin Lunn (owlinaus)
  15. Hello Kev, Just been reading your message on ex pats forum.......I think it could be me,I was born 1953, I stayed on North Street Bridlington, and eventually lived there for over a year,as my Mum 'bought" the "boarding house"..........over to you....
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