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  1. I bought the first Norton Commando in Sheffield from Frank Smith (£466 on the road), Our gang decided to stop in for a year and buy new bikes with what we saved(it covered the deposit anyway).Harold Drabble bought a BSA Spitfire, Chris Hulley got a Triumph Bonneville, Ian Headford bought a red Commando and I had a Green Commando Fastback. We thought we were the dogs b's till we got to the I.O.M T.T. in 1969 and then we looked very ordinary!
  2. I worked for 'Gambles' paper shop on Cliff street at the bottom of Club Garden Road. I had two rounds. One was London Road, Sharrow Lane,Sharrow Street (where I lived) and Broom close.The other was Cliff Street,Pearl street,Mount Street and Washington Road.When the tower blocks were built opposite the shop, I was offered Half a crown (2/6((12.5p)) for every new customer I could get. Naturally, I scived school and made a fortune(or so I thought)Up at 5.30 in a morning to be at the shop for 6 to help Mr Gambles sort the papers.When we had that massive gale in the sixties,Mrs Gambles gave me a WW11 tin helmet and told me to get on with it.Saturdays were the worst after doing two rounds in the morning and two evening rounds you had to collect the weeks money, and then go back and wait for the Green'un to be delivered before going out on the round again and finally getting home about 7.30 p.m. Didn't do me any harm though.
  3. Yes, I remember them along with Dan Bradbury on London Road and Wilf Green on Abbeydale Road.
  4. I remember Eddie Marples.Iworked in the parts department along with my wife who was the driver, and also worked on the pumps. We were there with: Dave Smith ,Terry Bell, John Pyecroft,Brian Marsden,Ken Mallows,Neill Leatherland,Jim Kenney,Brian Marsden,Robert Palmer,Mick ? and a lot of others who I can't bring to mind at the moment.We were there from 1976-1983.We often say they were our best working days.Great managers, Tom Stones and Pete Lockwood.Happy Days - Graham and Sue Whitham
  5. Hi - I worked for Ropers on London Road in the parts department(or Spares dept.as it was called then). I was there from leaving school in 1965 to joining Kennings Leadmill road in 1968.I remember the older staff there saying that 'these jap bikes will never catch on'. How wrong can you be?
  6. Many thanks to 'glitterballs' for the information about Heeley City Farm - I have contacted the repair shed re visiting them on Saturday.
  7. Hi - is there anywhere in the Sheffield area that runs a 'repair shed' where you can take faulty household items for repair rather than throwing them away?
  8. Hi - can anybody recommend a local company to replace a concrete drive and install drainage S8 area?
  9. Does anyone remember the 78th boys brigade company that was based at Brunswick Trinity church,Lowfields?
  10. Hi Ian - in my opinion,pc's are like hi-fi- pay your money -take your choice.But to be a little more constructive;look at ebuyer.com - they have a Zoostorm desktop pc which will probably meet your needs for £230 inc delivery,or if you really want to push the boat out, they have a Lenovo Think Centre Edge 73 for £399.Hope this helps.
  11. Hi - I used to travel when a child from Sheffield Victoria to Retford - I remember stations such as Kiveton Bridge, Shireoaks, Worksop.When we got off the train at Retford, we would go over the 'coal drops', which was a step bridge over the line where the steam trains used to get coal 'dropped' into the tender. What a sight coming home,tired with bags full of fruit and vegetables from the smallholding we visited, and seeing all the smoke and flames from the steel works as we crossed the bridge in Attercliffe - Happy Days!
  12. Does anyone remember Brian Sellars who was bodyshop foreman at Sandygate motor services?
  13. There was another Wilson Peck at the corner of London Road and Clarke Square - I remember Violet Mays - sold all my Buddy Holly LPs to her while saving up for a moped - wish I'd kept them
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