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  1. hi all Im trying to track down a family memeber well my dad. I was brought up in care as a child and traced my mum to only find out she had passed away. none of her family can remeber my dad's name expect he ran a green grocers on the manor/arbourthorne estate and was best friends with a man called graham barker. From what i know this green grocer had an affair with my mum and had other chuldren but i dont know his name. can any one remember the name of the green grocer in this area around 1984? Thanks Helen
  2. hi dont know if you any 1 can help but im try to track down a family member who ran a green grocers at manor top in 1983/4. can any1 help
  3. hello just trying 2 track down some family, all i know is that my dad ran a green grocers at manor top in sheffield in 1983/4 im trying to get as much information as possible like a name and the name of the shop :help:
  4. I went here recently an was told i was to fat and lazy to ride and that because of my size it was cruel. im a size 14 and only 12 stone. this broke my heart and i havent been riding again since. the iteacher is good when she isnt being rude to you in front of the whole class. If you want to pay £20 an hour to be insulted then parklands is the place for you!!!
  5. thanks but i wont get a good credit check and cant get any1 to back it up as have no family to do it. i just feel i have no where to turn. we are really stuggling to get a bond together too. i tried nomad but as a couple we apparently earn too much and dont know where else to turn. but thanks again fot the idea
  6. they didnt even come out when we had car broken in to even tho there was a large foot print on door which they could have got prints off. i was told there 2 busy would have been different if i was beating the little sod up tho wouldnt it?
  7. where in the same boat. i hate it. where both modern apprentices so dont earn alot in fact the money they ask for is our joint monthly take home pay. where trying to find some where private but have to move by the 27th of sept and getting no where so if any1 knows some 1 who can help id be grateful. we are checking the forum daily.
  8. hi my brother phillip runs his own firm and im sure he would be willing to help. his number is 07896345003 thanks helen
  9. i live on myrtle road aqnd the area is ok but please be aware of the traffic on the road at night. also on the first night we moved in we had our car broken in but that was nearly a yr ago. please be careful
  10. hi were getting married in 2010 at st james in woodhouse and are looking for somewhere to hold the evening do. any one got any ideas? helen
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