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  1. I went to tramlines on Saturday, didn't bother trying to get a ticket, so just went to Tesco to buy some drinks and sat on the road outside Pizza Express, perfectly able to hear the music, and very presently surprised when Athlete started playing. It would be wonderful if this could become bigger in the future, moving the main stage to one of the parks on the edge of town. Ive never been, but Middlesbrough seem to do a good thing with their free live music city event.
  2. Quite often what you find is that the 'vintage' shops get their stuff from charity shops, and sell at inflated prices.
  3. Not tried it, but noticed that it says this on the side of the page This First Group Free Bus Travel offer is open to residents of the UK, living in Aberdeen, York, Leeds, Greater Manchester, and Southampton only. Doesn't mention Sheffield at all, unless its moved.
  4. You could probably afford to go on Holiday with all of the club card points!!
  5. I've just moved to sheffield and am looking for a job, was wondering if there are any recomendations for newspapers with job sections, on weekly and a daily basis? Had no luck with online agencies so far, so need to look at another angle.
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