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  1. DDA Old Station Yard , Station Road , Brimington , Chesterfield , S431LS Bit tricky to find, But's just before the canal on the right heading up to brimington
  2. I use a place at Brimmington chesterfield £6 for 20kg of smokeless
  3. Correct it was the south Yorkshire police boat, But usually fire service don't tow a dinghy, It will be a rib
  4. It was or is based at Letsby avenue, I know this because my son built the boat and used to service the engine there
  5. I use Metcheck. On Christmas day it said snow on the 16th of january
  6. I fitted one to my house a couple of years ago, Brilliant no more condensation on any windows, And no mould growth
  7. Did you pay by direct debit? If so you can claim through your bank
  8. Try gently pushing the opening sash part outwards on 4 corners, It should break the paint, Usually works for me
  9. Bit off topic, But 3 weeks ago I saw fireflies near Newark on trent
  10. Toby foster often talks about a big cat that he saw up that way
  11. Hope it's nothing to do with all the trees they are chopping down, Oh no could be a car pollution tax soon
  12. Probably on to stop the engine overheating
  13. Recreation Cl, Clowne, Chesterfield S43 4PL
  14. Might be worth giving this guy a call http://www.stevemckiesportscars.co.uk/ Mg specialists in chesterfield
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