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  1. Was a bit disappointed with the Deftones venues for their upcoming mini-tour of the UK. Last time I saw them was at The Apollo in Manchester in 2001, but this year they're only playing in the Manchester Academy (i.e. a much smaller venue!) How the mighty have fallen... I still love them though- "When girls telephone boys" is a particular fave of mine at the mo! Lib1
  2. These figures don't match those supplied by UCEA- The offer is 12.6% over 3 years- nothing extra (except for lowest paid staff-e.g. cleaners- who are to receive about 15% for the 3 years): http://www.ucea.ac.uk/documents/3_news/figures240506.pdf
  3. http://www.aut.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1669 The Aut and the UCEA are meeting again today- fingers crossed that everything will be sorted out soon (for the benefit of both the lecturers and the students) One additional point- if AUT accept the UCEA's new pay offer- pay for ALL Uni staff members will be increased from the cleaners to the senior lecturers. Uni staff unions for non-lecturers (e.g. UNISON) haven't actually been striking, but they have been playing a role in the pay negotiations and stand to benefit from the UCEA's pay offer: http://www.ucea.ac.uk/Documents/3_news/NR080506.pdf (See the second page)
  4. No resolution yet I'm afraid: http://www.aut.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1655 Before you start moaning that the Unions are being greedy- 12.6% spread over the next 3 years is basically the equivalent of the yearly automatic cost of living increase of approx 3% per year (unless Uni staff would have received cost of living increases in addition to this pay offer...?)
  5. Don't worry to much, mate: http://www.aut.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1635 It could all be over on Monday! Dilemma over!
  6. What's wrong with going out on the dev after 4pm? I walk home through the dev from work every evening at 6-7pm and have always felt safe...
  7. To SHsheff, My mate owns a home in Sheffield and lives with her husband. Are you suggesing that she should pay her mortgage AND rent a bedsit in Manchester AND only see her partner on weekends? It's not that she can't afford the train fare- we were just wondering if there was a cheaper option that she had overlooked. Besides the trains are v. regular from Shef to Manc, so staying behind/getting in earlier when needed isn't really an issue. Lib1
  8. Ta for the advice. Unfortunately, my friend doesn't drive and the National Express coach times to Manchester are no good for her (the ones that would get her to work on time go via Leeds and take over 3hrs!!!). Looks like the train then! Will tell her to look into the car share scheme though! Lib1
  9. Read the good, the bad and the ugly here:http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=79270 At the end of this month, I will have lived at Parklands for a year. Hubby and I are still alive and well! As is our flat! My advice to you is to do what you would do when looking to move to any area- visit the development at different times of the day. See what it's like for yourself and decide for yourself. If you're brave enough, knock on the door of a potentially future neighbour and ask him/her/them about their experiences. One thing which may get your interest though- when we first put our reservation down on our flat back in May 2004, the prices of homes on the Parklands dev started at: £71,995. Prices today start from £95,495... this Parklands resident is not complaining! Lib1
  10. A mate of mine has got a new job in Manchester which starts in June. She intends to commute daily from Sheffield, but she's found out that an annual season ticket costs approx £2,500 (!). Does any one know of any cheaper options to commute daily to Manchester?
  11. Looks like the dispute could be solved within two weeks (that is if the UCEA comes back with a decent pay offer!): http://www.aut.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1625 and http://www.ucea.ac.uk/index.aspx?ContentId=78&bc=Consultations&p=Consultations
  12. In addition- have a look at a typical job role of a lecturer [you will need to scroll through all the introductory info about the Uni and the dept to pg 8] http://www.shef.ac.uk/jobs/fps/R3895.doc For those of you of the 'lazy lecturers' school of thought, on the basis of this job description, are you really telling me that the work expected from the advertised post and the qualifications/experience needed aren't worth a good salary...?
  13. Lecturing staff (as well as research and academic-related staff) at Uni of Shef are entitled to: Annual Leave: 30 days, plus 3 closure days, plus 8 Bank Holidays. Not quite 3-4 months off per year is it?
  14. Excellent post babychickens. The Universities org, UCEA, had the opportunity to meet with the the University and FE staff unions (AUT and NATFHE) on Tuesday this week (25th April). The UCEA refused to meet with the unions AGAIN prolonging the strike action even further!!!. In this news item from the AUT, it suggests that the UCEA is aware that their pevious pay 'offer' of 6% (3% this year and 3% next year) was inadequate: http://www.aut.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=1624 Another point to remember is that alhough the spotlight is on lecturers pay, research staff and academic related staff are also underpaid (we earn nothing near the £30,000+ that lecturers are paid and work right through the summer holidays!) and stand a chance to see well deserved pay rises as a result of the 'short of a strike' industrial action. The AUT covers researchers and academic-related staff too- many of my colleagues are taking part in the strike action.
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