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  1. Pilgrim Robert Edward born 1877 Docking Norfolk Pilgrim Robert Ernest born 1878 Norwich Norfolk Saw your post and had a look for Robert and these are the 2 I found the ones below are marriges for Robert Pilgrim. Pilgrim Robert 1845 Wayland Norfolk Pilgrim Robert 1844 Thetford Norfolk Pilgrim Robert 1877 Loddon Norfolk Pilgrim Robert D C 1950 Norwich Norfolk Pilgrim Robert Valentine 1843 Docking Norfolk Pilgrim Robert Valintine 1843 Docking Norfolk Hope this helps
  2. Back in the 50s it was an ordinary pub and the petrol station was Brocklhurst garage.There was a 9pin bowling alley in what I think became the Steak and Duck bar had a door in Norton Lane. There was a manager there (think his name was David) who went from there to manage the bars at the Fiesta Club. If you were to ask John Mitchell he might know something he lived nearby then. His father ran the butchers shop.
  3. I was an apprentice in the steel works at the time and because I was under age wasn't allowed to strike. We got paid and so my (meagre by todays standards) wage of four pounds 2/6 helped to keep our house going as my dad was on strike too.
  4. Thanks for that Hillsbro I couln't remember n made a guess.
  5. It could be the one of Queen Victoria which I belive was moved to Encliffe park. The one in Fitzalan Square was Prince Albert
  6. Hi Jan I moved to BC about 5yrs ago live in Langley myself, just off 200th @ 56th
  7. Thanks for that post Carol. Brought a tear to my eye as I have a border collie who is just like that. She's happy as long as she's with me no matter what I'm doing, and I only have to look at her and I get a wag of the tail. I know I will be lost when anything happens to her she's such a big part of my life.
  8. Hey Slickwitch, chill out and look on the bright side. You got some free toilet paper.
  9. Anyone remember a guy called Walter (Wally) Scott, a light heavyweight. He had a cauliflower ear (which he got sparring with the then world champion) Primo Carnera.
  10. Sheffield fishcakes. The only place other than Sheffield I have found em is 'Tonys Chippy' at Chapel St Leonards. I've found Hendos here in Canada
  11. There used to be a R.A.O.B. meeting at the Manchester Hotel a few years ago, the landlord there was a member.
  12. I know exactly how you feel Steve. I just got a border collie from a rescue she's 18months old and all she wants to do is . I'm having to teach her to play it's taken 6 weeks to get her to chase a ball. I picked up a frisbee for her and when I showed it to her she tried to hide behind my legs cowering like she expected to be beaten. All I ask is 5mins in a dark alley with the @$@^%* who did this to her. All I can promise in return is that he wont walk out:rant:
  13. There was a Lilly and Bob Phoenix lived at the bottom end of Greghouse Road Shiregreen from when the houses were 1st built. They had a daughter called Margret married a chap called Jim Webb. They lived in the same street on the corner with Homstead Road.
  14. That would be about 1972/3 I used to go in there. It was crammed full of stuff and smelled of patchouli. It was between Woods and the post office.
  15. Her name was Cathy:love:, lived in the Basegreen and worked on haberdashery at Atkinsons circa 1966. My pal had a saturday job there on the DIY which was next to it. She used to get told off, because I was chatting her up she wasn't serving. Another was Maggie who lived at Normanton Springs we met at a party on the Batemoor. Ah young loves where are you now 40yrs on:love:
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