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  1. Another thing that drew me to atb over other bike schools was the training pad. other places seem to use car parks at weekends and evenings ect but atb have a massive concrete pad thats been created just for bike training. also when i went a couple of years back, nigels pass rate was somthing like 99% and when you think how many people he has trained thats quite impressive i think
  2. I for one can only give a massive praise to nigel and the guys at atb, passed my das course with them a couple of years ago after having never been on a bike before in my life,i couldnt do a block course like most due to work and they bent over backwards so i could cram bike time in after work in the evenings and at weekends (-: passed fisrt time with no minus marks at all (-: tell him the soft lad with the tribal tattoo on the back of his head sent you (-:
  3. :)Congratulations on your new baby boy ...and girls:)
  4. Yes once you turn off the main road where the sign for storrs is the road,or dirt track is very very bumpy,the first time we went i thought we had taken a wrong turn and was going to get stuck...worth the trip though (-:
  5. storrs poulty at oxpring is where i bought my 10 girls from last year,think the prices started at about £8 depending on what you want. thing with chickens from graves park is lots are ex battery which is nice if you want to give a few a good home but this means they will have been laying already for a year or so and as such will stop laying as often as they get older, if its eggs your after then you want point of lay birds. they will proberbly take a month or so to start laying but you will get eggs for longer. storrs also sell feed,housing ect... i was a complete novice when i went up to see them and they sorted me out fine (-: my pets make me breakfast!!!! (-: storrs number 01226 764822 http://www.storrspoultry.co.uk/ hope this helps
  6. best bet would be to give the company a ring and ask. last year a good freind of mine died leaving nothing exept his car which still had payments remaining. he had no family and on phoning the finance company we were told that he had taken insurance out and that even though he had missed payments towards the end of his life,he had paid over half the car off. this ment the company didnt want the car back and the finance was cleared allowing us to sell it to cover his funeral costs
  7. I learned with nigel at ATB,even tho others say ATB is one of the larger bike schools,there is a family feel to it and as they have a large safe pad rather than some carpark to learn on to begin with i found it much easier as i had never been on a bike before,passed my das first time with not one minus on the test sheet thanks to ATB''s great training (-:
  8. Its against the law to tattoo anywhere unregistered so any tattooist worth using and any good wouldnt do it. that said there are loads of kitchen wizards out there that would gladly sit in someones house and tattoo,you never know what else your geting as well as the tattoo,hepatitis B being one of the worst. ask yourself if they are prepared to break the law by tattooing where they shouldnt,are hygene standards up to scratch?they may look clean but can you be sure? also if anything goes wrong with the tattoo itself,you wouldnt have a leg to stand on legally
  9. was a little before my time i think clocker,but next time i see my elderly relative i will ask her about it (-:
  10. (-: yup i remember the pincushion, and next door was sheffield sportsman, thats now tonys pet foods (-:
  11. do you mean the building on the corner of eastern ave and erriington? the old carlton cinama? was later called beacon lamps and i think it made light bulbs?. ive always know it to be empty until it was demolished and houses built there.
  12. im guessing no one knows what happened to the missing bit to the right of londis ? yup lindy3, malcoms is now the sarnie shop,the shop next door was dodgy freds but is now part of londis (-:
  13. on facebook there is a group named " i miss the hole in the road" (-:
  14. yeah dodgey freds burning down also saw the end to malcoms butchers as from what i wa told he had no insurance and the fire wiped his shop out too
  15. yeah you have the sarnie shop,used to be a butchers (malcoms)then next door dodgy freds car spares(used to be a laundrette years back)now part of londis/premier then londis,now premier.the bit thats missing is the other side. if you look at the building from the front its the far right.?
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