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  1. I was there too Bruciesbabe, shame didn't see you to say hi! I liked it too, but would like to go back and have a proper look when it's not quite so packed!
  2. But according to that report "One in 18 people has an extra nipple, which can look like freckles or moles." So even if you did have one you might not realise it?!
  3. Is it for a planning application or something?
  4. Are you sure? You seem to have a habit of being bitten - dogs, rabbits, do you really want to take the risk with fish with big teeth?!
  5. Try looking on the post office website - it has a branch locator and opening times
  6. I'm off there in a minute hayley! Tuesday is buy one get one free pizza day. You can also get a brb card, where you get bogof pizza every day between 2 and 5 I think. A large pizza is about £6-7, and they are really good, freshly made and stone oven cooked. Idon't know about the other food though!
  7. Yeah, I forgot about this!! Anyone ever check the boys loos for an advert in there too?! Or was that just a red herring?
  8. I love it when a totally innocent thread turns into vegetarians being barbequed whilst hedgohogs wander past covered in cheese and pineapple. Haven't giggled so much at a thread for ages! I was just gonna suggest some vegetable kebabs (eg onion, peppers, courgette etc marinaded and barbequed) but that sounds incredibly dull in comparison, sorry!
  9. Yep, I agree! Don't peel them, just cut them into large wedges (never tried them whole?) and put them in the oven with some oil on - oooh they are sooo good! As for jacket potatoes, sometimes I eat the skin, sometimes I don't ! Don't know why really. I don't know why people don't like the skins whe done in the mcrowave, they're yummy when all kinda squidgy! Mmmmm, hungry now too!
  10. I live in S3, and don't even have a blue bin. I still make an effort to recycle paper, glass and tins, but it's quite a walk to take them to the collection point. Why is this such a problem in Sheffield? They seem to be so far behind many other parts of the country in terms of recycling. I lived in somerset for a year, and we had a plastic crate for recycling that was collected every week, without fail. You could put in paper, plastic, tins, textiles, batteries... in fact pretty much everything except cardboard. A plastic crate (with a lid) was much better than a wheelie bin because it was smaller and could be kept inside or out, and it was black and green, not bright blue!
  11. no twix? no kitkat?! I don't know... But from the list it'd have to be galaxy.... ooh, you are making me crave chocolate now damn it!
  12. Definately! And when you complain they don't seem to understand why! A few years ago I moved into a house with some friends and it turned out the whole place had fleas it was disgusting, and the landlord wouldn't pay to get it fixed, we had to. The other thing is that you would expect a place with a high rent to be half decent, but often this is not the case. But there ARE decent places out there, with responsible landlords, so keep looking!
  13. I don't think many of the people who voted "where's my gun" are actually likely to carry this out... I can only speak for my self i suppose but I can't imagine killing a cat would be 'fun', and no-one has suggested they would do it for this reason, it would be because they can be a nuisance.
  14. I agree with the idea of not being able to wrap your kids up in cotton wool, but then, I don't have children. I would define a 'sleepover' as a more than about 3 friends all staying at someones house. I remember the first one I went o when I was about 11, and all we did was play games in the garden all afternoon, then watch a video and put each others hair in plaits etc. Nothing wild, and nothing went wrong. My parents knew the parents of the girl who's house i was, which I agree is important. I think the worst thing that happened was that we all ate too many sweets and felt a bit sick. From about the age of 7, I had two friends who regularly stayed at my house or I went to theirs. I think it is all part of growing up, and whilst there are clearly a few ground rules to follow, I don't see it as a problem. And Kathy, I agree, my parents would have been in for a very tough time if they had said no when I was 14/15/16!
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