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  1. I lived there for 7 years and still own a flat there which I rent out. Myself nor my tennent have never had any problems with noise/strange goings on etc. it's a lovely place to live and a stunning building. With the tram so close and nice parks the area is good. The maintenance team of gardeners and cleaners are excellent also and keep it immaculate.
  2. I was on the tram that collided with the bus. The bus went straight over the junction-I assume a red light as the tram had just set of from the tram stop- HOWEVER before anyone tries to point a blame and accuse anyone of being a bad driver just step back and look at the wider picture. The driver is injured to what extent I'm not sure but I believe fire brigade were going to have to cut him out. No one knows the reason behind why he went trough the lights/he could of passed out/??? The thing that disgusted me the most was the general public stopping and staring and worse taking photos of the incident! Just so wrong in my opinion to take photos for their own interest when someone is hurt. I hope the bus driver is ok.
  3. The bar above riverside cafe near Wednesday ground is really nice. I'm sure they will sort something out for you re-food.
  4. We are getting married in Cyprus. Using perfect weddings abroad-so glad we have, I have heard some terrible stories about other companies.
  5. My friend got married at Mosbrough Hall, it is lovely, the room you get married in has traditional stone walls and is the nicest ceromony room I have seen outside a church. The staff were excellent and the food was lovely. The bedrooms on site are of high standard as was the breakfast next morning for around £100 per night for 2people.
  6. B&M stores have lots of cheap things for decoration your table/favour ideas.
  7. Lots of centre pieces cheap on eBay. Order soon if getting from china-most are decorations from china from eBay
  8. Have a look at Dam house. Mushroom lane. Near to Western Park. They are really flexible with their buffet options. Free room hire at one end of bar. Reasonable priced beer too as they are a free house.
  9. you are talking about £1000-£2500 per tooth. i was quoted this by a dentist when i thought i was going to need a tooth extracting-however at the moment it has been saved with just a filling. expensive work, have you discussed any other options with your dentist?
  10. Water aerobics is great too, less stress on the joints, but the water resistance makes it a great workout.
  11. Hi, I have tried the Exante meal replacement plan. I must say when stuck too it is pretty effective, weight loss is around 1 stone a month. I didn't feel hungry and it is very easy too follow in terms of not much preparation time. I felt great on it to begin with-lots of energy and wide awake in the morning verse struggling to get up before starting the plan. I found it difficult to continue with the plan after I got a bug, and went back to normal food. However I have started back on it again this week. It is hard to stick too, as no other food is allowed apart from the packets, but by not being hungry and the fast results helps you stick to it.
  12. how about hiring a pub? fox and hounds in Marsh Lane near eckington have their own carpark. i had my engagement party there, they sorted out a BBQ for a great price.
  13. We've just booked our wedding to Cyprus today actually, we have booked through perfectweddingsabroad.co.uk We've found them very accommodating and easy to book. They provide many different packages. And an all in celebration package which is based on a per guest numbers i.e 30people. It includes everything, apart from your clothes basically. Including registrar fees, photos, flowers etc.
  14. I saw a very able bodied woman parking in one of the only two disabled parking spaces at the front of the Asda store on Middlewood road today. And there was no disabled badge in her car. The only disability she had was laziness and ignorance. I was tempted to approach her and embarrass her in store, but decided not too, mainly because I was too angry. However if I was with my disabled Grandma (who does have a disability badge, and requires a wheel chair) then I would have. Why do some people feel that they have the right to do this rather than park at the back of the store like everyone else? Another thing that is wrong is people who will happily use their relatives disabled badges when they are not with them to get closer to the store or even free parking! Do they know that off they caught then the badges will be taken off them.
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