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The Christmas Logo Competition is back. See thread in Sheffield Discussions for details ×


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  1. I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas OP, a lot of the replies remind me why I rarely come on here anymore. xx
  2. If you go to the 'shop' tab it says which ones next to the store if that makes sense. x
  3. Briefing staff is important to companies, it saves a lot of hassle and worry and things don't go wrong as often, it always gives the staff a bit more knowledge. A briefing usually takes 15 minutes, a briefing during busy times takes 5 minutes tops, 5 minutes of your time isn't a lot to ask is it???
  4. Thought I'd say hello, not been on since October 2008 Hope everyone is well and looking forward to Christmas! Are there any golden oldies still out there or is everyone new?? Just had a quick look around and can't spot any names that ring a bell
  5. It isn't Gemma, its the other one, the one that can't get home to Burton because she's lost her purse. There's a pic of her on the front page.
  6. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/Station-con-girl-gets-ticket.4626571.jp Surprised this hasn't been posted about already or has it and I'm just blind???
  7. I have a landline i never answer and no mobile, i find it bliss!
  8. OMG that has cheered me up no end!!
  9. How much of a poser is she??? She is absolutely gorgeous and very much has the staff look.
  10. My son names ours we have Luna the puppy, Max the goldfish and then he got another fish last week so daddy called it Paddy (Max & Paddy )
  11. I have one other thing to say to you - would you like to come and spend some time with my staffie who as we speak is curled up next to the cat from next door and my jack russell????
  12. No you are right, not sure if someone further along has told you this, i haven't read it all yet
  13. They have welcomed these evil animals into their home now, that says a lot about them!! I'm only having a go at the grandparents because they are now giving them a roof over their heads, no way would my mum do this for me and no way would i do it for my children!
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