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  1. Hi girls, Sorry I won't be able to have dinner but would love to join for drinks if that's ok. Please give me one of youor numbers so I can find out where you all are. Luv V
  2. Hi guys/gals, I have been a no show for abit so yea would like to show my face and come crash if that is cool. x V-Lin
  3. Hi guys oh my god is it safe to come next week without cakes? lol sign us up pls. V and Sam. Enjoy whitby!
  4. hi me too please would like Yvonne Charlerton's number and price too..give it a suss
  5. Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc Vanilla ICe - Ice Ice Baby Aqua - Barbie Gal Sir Someti ng alot - Baby Got back! Salt n Pepa- Push IT lol
  6. Hi Jaap, Hope u guys had some luck in Birmingham...can you sign us up pls...Sam, V and MAtt Cheers C u Tues
  7. hi can u stick us down pls....V and Sam Cheers
  8. stick us name down...Sam and V sounds awesome!
  9. gotta have abit of michael jackson!!! it's jacko comeback! Unfortunately the song that gets me going the most is Dirty by christina aguilera...hahahhaha
  10. hey jaap, sorry we're abit late but can we sign up for tomorrow pls...V ad Sam
  11. hi i know it's late but can we come pls...V and Sam
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